Steve Madden in the company’s own words is “About fashion-forward product and great people. We are proud of our talented, diverse workforce.” This leading footwear retailer operates an extensive number of stores and outlets across the US and boasts a formidable workforce of only the brightest and best.

Steve Madden Interview Tips

Here are a few key interview tips you must be sure not to overlook when looking to get a foot in the door with such an elite brand:

Tip # 1.  Steve Madden is proud of its company history and the story behind the brand – you’ll impress nobody if you don’t know how the company was born.

Tip # 2. If you don’t happen to be a footwear or fashion mogul yourself, make sure you become familiar with at least a few of the styles and trends making waves at the moment.

Tip # 3. Try not to get too bogged-down or obsessed with the products themselves – the Steve Madden name is more about customer service and satisfaction than encyclopedic knowledge.

Tip # 4.Take a look round as many  local Steve Madden stores as possible to get used to the sights, the sounds and the general atmosphere of the working environment.

Steve Madden Interview Questions

Steve Madden operates dozens of stores the world over and thousands of dynamic and dedicated employees. Selectiveness is exercised throughout the interview process in order to bolster company reputation, therefore it is always wise to prepare for a few guaranteed interview questions you will be asked:

  • What does the Steve Madden Brand stand for?
  • What make YOU stand out from the crowd?
  • Where would you like to be in five years?
  • What made you choose Steve Madden?
  • How important to you is fashion?

Steve Madden Interview Process

As is becoming the standard, Steve Madden lists all vacancies and takes all applications via the official company website. Positions can be found here for anywhere in the world and at any level. The company doesn’t offer standard application forms for completion or printing, though some outlets will accept CVs. If the online application is of interest to the store manager, candidates will be invited into a store for a meeting with a department manager or supervisor. This will then be followed by a further interview with the general manager and perhaps a period of first-hand shop-floor experience with or without notice. Telephone interviews will sometimes be carried out prior to the in-person interview process.

Steve Madden Interview Attire

Deciding what to wear for an interview at Steve Madden need not cause a headache, though thought must be given to the actual post being applied for.

What to Wear

Applicants looking to work front or back of house as a standard team member should wear the usual interview attire including smart trousers or skirt, button-front shirt and dress shoes. Higher position applicants are always advised to wear a full suite for each stage of their interview process.

What to Bring to the Interview

Documents verifying qualifications, relevant references from previous employers, identification, writing materials.

Steve Madden Positions

Career options at Steve Madden are extensive to say the least, with dozens and dozens of superb positions always on offer across the country. Examples of frequently advertised posts include cashiers, sales assistants, account managers, assistant designers, photographers, website specialists, regional managers and so many more.



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