Subway is quite simply THE name in unique and fresh sandwiches. At present, there are no less than 37,000 Subway restaurants spanning the globe, employing more workers than it is possible to account for. However, demand for posts at Subway stores is exceptionally high; therefore candidates must not expect an easy ride when making an application.

Subway Interview Tips

Subway is the second biggest business of its type in the world today and insists on preserving its reputation. The application process can at times be extensive and involved, though a few essential interview tips can set any candidate off in the right direction.

Tip # 1.  Take some time to find out the story behind the Subway name – you won’t be asked to quote anything word for word, but showing genuine interest always impresses.

Tip # 2. Think about what sets Subway apart from the other major names in fast food. Think about who Subway is aimed at, who uses Subway’s stores and why.

Tip # 3. Get up close and personal with a number of Subway outlets across as wide an area as possible to see how staff performs on the front line. You should also become well-acquainted with the food Subway serves.

Tip # 4. Last but not least, remember that Subway is on the lookout for employees with a passion for people and incredible customer service skills – it isn’t in fact all about your knowledge of sandwiches!

Subway Interview Questions

Despite employing hundreds of thousands of workers over 100+ countries, Subway will not just give anyone a job. The company insists on a strong level of consistency across the board, which if nothing else helps to predict some of the interview questions all candidates will be asked. Remember – customer service is paramount:

  • Why is Subway so successful?
  • What make Subway different to its rivals?
  • What makes for great customer service?
  • How would you handle a difficult or abusive customer?
  • What can you offer the team that nobody else can?

Subway Interview Process

Subway allows candidates to apply for all positions online via the company website, or by printing off a standard application form and filling it out by hand. For convenience sake, the former come more highly recommended. A fast response will usually be given to those candidates of interest – one week or less – who will be called in for a meeting with a supervisor or team leader. If successful, a further interview with senior management will be carried out soon after. Subway also follows the interview process in most cases with a trial period in-store to see how the candidate’s skills measure up in a real-world environment. Telephone interviews are usually not necessary, or brief if carried out.

Subway Interview Attire

Don’t let uniform fool you – what to wear counts for a lot when it comes to applying for a job with Subway.

What to Wear

General team member applicants should think standard, smart interview attire comprised of a button-front shirt, trousers or skirt and smart, clean dress shoes. Jackets and ties are optional, though should be added if applying for higher-level posts.

What to Bring to the Interview

Any documents relevant to the post along with qualification certificates and previous employer references.

Subway Positions

Aside from the standard “sandwich artists” we all know and love, Subway offers a world of other positions spanning an exceptionally large and promising career ladder. Stores frequently advertise posts for shift managers, accountants, clerical officers, payroll managers, marketing advisors and dozens more.




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