Step back into a time machine – set the dial to 1990 – this is when Seinfeld is not a hit, and Starbucks is still an idea in someone’s head and Michael Jackson is the most suitable bachelor on the earth.

Pals Tony Townley and Zach Mcleroy have not started Zaxby’s yet.  But they did dream up Zaxby’s – on the basketball court – they talked about everything that was wrong with all the other chicken places.   And that is the year the history of Zaxby’s began.

Zaxby’s Interview Tips

These interview tips are to help you have an interview that is just that much better than everyone else.

Tip # 1 Research and study about Zaxby’s history and other information about its founding.

Tip # 2 Do everything you can to create a good first impression.

Tip # 3 Leave your cell phone at home.

Tip # 4 Make certain that you arrive on time or early for your interview.

Tip # 5 If you have any piercings, remove the jewelry except for women’s pierced ears.

Tip # 6 Guys should always go to an interview clean shaven.

Tip # 7 Be assertive, focus on the interviewer and answer questions in a clear voice.

These tips are important be sure to actually read and think about them and they can show you in the best light possible.

Zaxby’s Interview Questions

These are some interview questions that might be asked during the interview so prepare some answers that are intelligent.

  • Why do you want to work for Zaxby’s?
  • Do you have experience in retail sales or in the restaurant industry?
  • What are your educational goals?
  • What skill sets to you bring to this company?
  • Do you have reliable transportation so that you will not be late to work?
  • Are you a leader or follower?
  • What is your definition of good customer service and can you deliver that?
  • What is more important – good customer service or good food?
  • What days and hours are you available?

Zaxby’s Interview Process

Submit all completed and necessary hiring materials in order to have the chance of getting an interview with Zaxby’s.  This is the beginning of the interview process when you are contacted by hiring managers for an interview usually within a week after receiving the applicant information.  Zaxby’s normally use the interview process to measure personality traits and job skills of potential employees. You will be contacted by phone to schedule an interview which is usually a one on one question and answer session with a hiring manager.  Some locations will also give you a skills test and will also check your background to be considered for employment.

Zaxby’s Interview Attire

What to wear is necessary to spend some time thinking about as it will be the 1st impression you will make on the hiring managers.

What to Wear – The interview attire is business casual.

What to Bring to the Interview

Items to bring include a pen and notepad to take notes, social security card and driver’s license.  If you have a resume bring a fresh copy of it to leave with the hiring manager.

Zaxby’s Positions

Zaxby’s normally hires for the following positions: staff accountant, assistant manager, sales associate, cashier, opening specialist, cook, head cashier, counter and kitchen staff member, general manager, crew member, district manager, and customer service representative.

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