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It has become a myth that job sites do not allow all applications through to companies. Instead, companies can set keywords that they are looking for and throw out any applications that do not fit these basic requirements. For some this can sound intimidating and people are afraid that they will miss out on opportunities if they use the wrong language on their resume.

In fact, this system is not necessarily anything new. The process has just been simplified by using a computer to filter out mismatching resumes instead of doing it by hand. Using the right language when you fill out an application is easier than it sounds. All you need to do is make sure you are paying attention to the cues in the job listing to ensure your application matches up.

Following the Cues Provided

Any requirements that are listed on a job post are there for a reason, so you should make a point of acknowledging these items before you dip into the rest of your resume. You want to make it clear that you can manage the requirements that a job has without the need for a lot of training or constant supervision. However, it is important to still be truthful when filling out your resume, even if you do not exactly match the requirements on the page.

If specific job skills are mentioned on the application, make sure these are reflected in your resume. Use the same language that was used on the job page. This way if a filter is being used there is no worry that your resume will be set aside unfairly. You can always explain these skills or add more detail farther down the page or in your cover letter to address any issues that might help you stand apart when your resume is reviewed by a real person later on in the process.

Do not Use a Cookie Cutter Resume

You should have a basic resume drawn up to make it easier for you to apply to jobs quickly. This will help you keep your formatting looking solid and will help to keep your thoughts organized. However, creating one generic resume that you pass out to anyone that you apply with is never a good idea. This will not give you an opportunity to showcase the skills that will help you to reflect your aptitude for the position at hand.

Always take your resume and tweak it to reflect the experience you have that matches the request of the job application you are working with. Put the requirements the job is asking for at the front and delete any skills that are completely irrelevant to the position. You should also write a new cover letter for each job that requires one. Try to find specific contact information for the person in the company that will be reviewing in your application. This will show that you made the effort to get to know the company before you applied which will be appreciated.

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