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The salary is by far the most important topic of negotiation between an employer and a candidate once he has been shortlisted for the job and has been made an official offer for it. This is a critical juncture of the hiring process on which hinges the applicant’s chances of landing the job with a salary package of his liking. If you use the right words in negotiating the salary package with your prospective employer, you can not only convince him to increase his initial offer but can also add a number of bonuses and allowances to the package as well. The following are some of the tips that can come in handy when negotiating the salary with your future boss.

Never Accept the Initial Salary Offered

When it comes to negotiating the salary with a prospective employer, most employees throw in the towel at the first stage by saying yes to the initial offer made to them. This however, is the wrong thing to do and kills off your chances of getting a better offer from the employer. What you must do when being offered a salary package by your new employer is to politely ask them to raise their offer as your abilities and skills deserve a higher reward. However, do not try to sound too arrogant. Show your willingness and enthusiasm to work first before quoting your expected salary range.

Meet the Employer Half Way if he Increases his Offer

Since the employer has shortlisted you and has offered you the job as well, it is clear that he is interested in hiring you and want you to work for him. Thus, he is definitely going to consider your plea for increasing the salary package. However, he might not offer you the exact number that you want and is more likely going to ask you to accept a slight raise in his initial offer. In such cases, it is best to meet the employer half way and accept a salary offer that even though may not be up to your expected salary range,  is still higher than what you were initially offered.

Ask for Bonuses and Perks

If the employer is not willing to increase the base salary stating that the budget he has allocated for the position is stopping him from raising his offer, then you must try to have bonuses and perks added in the salary package. A seemingly low-salaried offer can be made a good one through the addition of performance based perks and bonuses. What is best is that your future employer will also not have any complaints about this addition too as he would not have to increase his salary offer that he had made in the beginning. So, both parties are going to benefit from this negotiation.

Thus, keep these tips in mind when negotiating a salary offer and you are going to find it extremely easy to strike the best deal with your future employer and get yourself a bigger salary.


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