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People that are new to working with electronically submitted resumes are a bit unsure as to how to go about filling them out. They are unsure if the original tactical measures that were recommended for personal correspondence will still apply or if they should focus on cutting straight to the chase. While it is always important to be polite and direct when sending an application packet to a company, you do need to be conscious about addressing the needs of the company as you fill out your resume.

Those that are in charge of reviewing resumes from online listings will have several that they need to go through in order to make their decision. To make their job manageable they will often scan resumes for specific skills or phrases that are essential to the job. Applicants are worried that they will get passed over if their resume is not written to include very specific phrases. The easiest way to accomplish this is to copy and paste the requirements from the job application page to make sure that everything the company is looking for is on your resume, but this can be a dangerous tactic.

Why You Should Not Use the Copy/Paste Technique

Simply copy and pasting the requirements from a job posting can cause problems when people start to review your application. While you may pass through the initial round of reviews which are commonly done using a computer, your resume will noticeably be lacking when someone from the company starts to look into your resume by hand. Simply copying the job application will not allow you any room to show off your personal attributes that will help you to stand out from the crowd. This will actually reduce your chances of being hired with the company.

You also want to be careful if you are simply copying what a job claims that they want. On top of being very bland, this can come off as insincere. It will appear as though you did not put any effort into creating your resume, but just made yourself to look like the candidate that the company wants. This can also come off as dishonest, especially if the list of attributes on your resume does not match the information in your cover letter and other materials.

There is nothing wrong with drawing attention to the points on your resume which matches the requirements of a job you are applying for. In fact, this is a very common recommendation for people who are hoping to gain the advantage when they are sending in their resume. However, you want to avoid adding items on your resume that match a job description if they are not honest. If you get an interview the representative from the company they will ask you about your experience, and you will have nothing to say if you have falsified or extenuated a portion of your resume that does not actually reflect your experience, which will likely result in you losing out on the job opportunity.

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