Your resume is a snapshot of your skills and experience. It is often the first time a potential employer gains some type of insight in to your potential fit with their company. Therefore it is paramount that you supply your interviewer with the most accurate information possible in a format that is easy to understand.

Types of Resume Formats

There are several types of resume formats to choose from. The following is a list of resume formats that are popular.

  • Chronological Resume Format – In this type of resume all of your information will be arranged in chronological order with the corresponding dates listed. This type of format is widely used and can be utilized in almost any industry. A downside to this type of resume is that if you have gaps in employment, a potential employer may see that as a negative. You will need to fill in any gaps with a brief description of what you were doing during that time.
  • Functional Resume – A functional resume is great for folks with less real-world experience. The focus of the functional resume is on your skill set and education. The focus is drawn to your job related skills and can help you secure an entry level position.
  • Non-Traditional Resume – A growing trend among job seekers is to produce a resume that is new and inventive. For example, a graphic designer may produce a resume that highlights typography skills and use of color schemes, while including links to digital portfolios or personal websites. The reality is that we live in a digital world. We are visual and the ability to see a person’s work and experience built directly into the resume is yet another way to make your resume stand out from the pack.

Which format is best for you?

The type of resume format you choose to use is dependent on several factors. Most people can put together a resume on their own. Microsoft Word and other similar programs even have templates that you can simply plug your information in to. While this is cost effective and quite effective for entry level jobs, you may also want to consider having a professional put your resume together. The best resume writers will meet with you to gather your personal information and find out what is relevant. Not everything needs to be included on a resume. After you have determined what information will be included the resume writer will compile your information and will usually give you a variety of options to choose from. You will need to consider your budget when seeking out professional resume writing services. A non-traditional resume can run you upwards of $1500.00.

Finding new and innovative ways to present your information to potential employers is important. Hiring departments and recruiters are often flooded with generic resumes that end up in the recycle bin. Don’t let this happen to you…make yours stand out! Take the time to put together a well written resume and showcase your skills, education, and experience.


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