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Thousands of job applications are submitted every day via the web. Many job seekers feel as if their applications disappear in to some bottomless pit, never to see the light of day. In a way, they’re probably not far off. While using the web to submit an application can sometimes lead to an interview, you most likely will not receive any follow up. This can be frustrating for applicants and may lead you to question whether it is better to turn in a job application online or in person.

What happens when you submit a job application online?

Every company has a process for dealing with applications that are submitted online. Generally, larger companies with an HR department will forward all online job applications to a hiring manager. If a position is available, qualified applicants may be contacted for an interview. However, this process can take quite a long time. Often it takes weeks or even months for a large corporation to pour through job applications.

Smaller businesses are more likely to notice new applications because there are usually less applicants. The person reviewing applications at a smaller business may be the owner of the actual business, not just a hiring manager.

What happens when you submit a job application in person?

There are several benefits when it comes to submitting a job application in person. The first reason being that you can choose who will handle your application. You can ask to speak with a manager and hand your application to them directly. This also gives management an opportunity to put a face with the application. You will not be some anonymous job seeker in stack of applications. You can introduce yourself and leave a good impression.

Additionally, handing a job application face-to-face assures you that your application has been received and is in the hands of someone who can do something with it. You won’t have to sit around wondering if anyone has reviewed your application yet. If you turn in the application in person and don’t hear anything back within two weeks it’s probably safe to say that the opportunity wasn’t right for you and you can begin to focus your attention elsewhere.

Which method of application submission is best?

The answer to this question really depends on the company’s preferences. However, even if you submit an application online it is always a good idea to fill out a hard copy and submit it in person. Especially is you know for sure that there is an open position. If you are contacted for an interview, it is also advisable to bring a copy of the application with you in case it has been misplaced, which tends to happen when there are multiple interviews  taking place on the same day.


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