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The current situation of the job market is not very encouraging, and a person has to face a lot of competition for landing a job. In such a circumstance, it becomes vital for a job seeker to outshine the other people that are vying for the same job. The best way to do this is to make a great impression on the employer during the interview. However, to achieve this preparing for the interview is very important and for this anticipating the questions that are going to be asked is crucial. The following are some of the interview questions that are commonly asked by the interviewers and need to be prepared for before appearing for an interview.

Working Experience

The most frequently asked question by HR managers of all the leading companies is regarding the experience you have. They are interested in knowing whether you are capable of doing the work for which you have applied for. This question needs to be answered very confidently explaining why you are competent for doing this job. However, do not try to brag too much. It is best to answer this question in a concise manner focusing only on the working experience that you have gained that is relevant to the job position you are being interviewed for.

Reason for Applying for the Job

Most interviewers are interested in knowing the reason why you want to get the job. The determination of the motive you have for leaving your previous employer is important for them as it helps them in knowing how motivated and interested you are in working for them. The best way to tackle this important question is to tell them that you have always wanted to work in the industry that the company belongs to. Do remember that in order to frame you answer in the best possible manner, you will have to do extensive research on the company and its niche.

Suitability for the Job

The interviewing committees of most companies try to extract the opinion of the interviewee regarding his suitability for the job he is being interviewed for. This is a sort of a trick question whose aim is to determine the confidence of the job seeker. You need to be pretty smart when answering this particular question, as chances are that if you are able to answer it in the right manner, you are most likely going to be shortlisted for the job. To prepare for this question, make a summary of you achievements and credentials and present it as confidently as you can in front of the interviewing party. Keep in mind that you must try and relate your skills with the job you are applying for to stand any chance of convincing the interviewers that you are the best man for the job.

These three questions are the most common and frequent ones that are asked by interviewers, and if you prepare for them according to the tips that have been mentioned above, you are going to find it extremely easy to secure the job you have applied for.

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