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Finding a suitable job that matches your qualifications and pays you the amount of money you deserve is not that easy, especially in the economic environment that we are living in nowadays. Most of the companies are thinking about laying off employees rather than appointing new ones and are therefore, not advertising any jobs in the newspapers or on online boards. In such a scenario, sending unsolicited job application cover letters is the only way for a job seeker to attract the attention of a company that is not interested in hiring new employees. However, writing a cover letter for an unsolicited job application is not that easy and requires you to consider the following factors when composing them.

Search About the Company you are sending the Unsolicited Cover Letter

The first thing that you must do before writing an unsolicited cover letter is to search about the company to whom you are going to send it. Try to find out about the recent challenges that the company is facing and how can you be of assistance to them in combating these challenges. Learn about the standing of the company in the market and how they are faring in their niche. All of this information is going to help you in composing a solid cover letter for your unsolicited job application as you would be able to present yourself as a great addition to their workforce.

Shed Light on your Skills that can Benefit the Company the Most

Mentioning the skills you possess is not enough in an unsolicited cover letter. You will have to explain how your skills and credentials are going to benefit the company if you want to get the attention of the company’s head. Since the company is not looking for employees, you are going to have to go the extra mile in convincing them that you are the man who can lift them out of the mire and can help them in becoming a bigger and better company. For this purpose, including all your capabilities that are relevant to the company’s requirements in full detail in the unsolicited cover letter is your best possible option.

Do not Limit Yourself to a Single Job Position

The most important thing that you must keep in mind when writing an unsolicited cover letter to a company is not to built your candidacy for a particular job position. Since the unsolicited job applications are not written for a specific job position, it is best not to mention it in the cover letter as it is only going to limit your chances of getting hired. Frame your letter in such a manner that the manager reading the cover letter would have to make the decision on his own about the position that is going to best suit your skills.

Keeping these factors in mind as you compose your unsolicited cover letter will help you in coming up with an impressive write up that is surely going to get you an interview call for a job that you never knew existed.

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