Over a million Americans work at Walmart; here’s what they know but you don’t

Online Job Applications is pleased to bring you a new series of blog posts aimed at giving you an inside look at Walmart’s biggest asset – its employees. This first article will give you a general overview of what you can expect as you read on through the following five posts.

We are going to look at the people themselves – who are they, the benefits they get from being part of the Walmart organization, the skills that are in demand, the lifestyle of employees, and finally, how you can first get a job, and then turn that entry level position into a long-term career.

Demographics: Who Gets Hired at Walmart?

Every company has different hiring practices. Millions of people fill out Walmart applications each year. But who do hiring managers choose to employ? From single parents, to high school and college students, from retirees to mothers returning to the workforce, Walmart employees are as diverse as the communities they serve.

Walmart Employee Benefits

Besides a regular paycheck, employees may receive a number of benefits in exchange for their work. These include a 401K matching program, daycare assistance, flexible hours, a management training program, an employee discount among other things.

How Can You Get Hired

As you fill out your Walmart job application, you should be highlighted and emphasizing certain skills that are in demand in this workforce. These skills include customer service, problem solving, trouble shooting, working well within a team. It would also be important to note and demonstrate that you enjoy working with people; you are a “people person”.

This article will also discuss how you can position and promote these skills so your job application stands out to hiring managers.

Managing Lifestyle Once You are Employed at Walmart

Congratulations! You are now employed at Walmart. Now that you have a new job you have to figure out how to manage all the other aspects of your life along with your job. How can you maintain balance in your life so that you stay healthy and happy, and so that you can give everything you need to give to your job while you are at work.

Consider things like parenting, schooling and studies, physical exercise, and spending quality time with your family and friends. At first, it may take some juggling and getting used to, but over time, you will figure out how to make it work. This article will help you break down each area of your life, and develop a plan.

Turn Your Entry Level Position into a Career

Getting a job at Walmart is an important first step. You have your foot in the door of an organization that could provide you with a career over the long-term. How do you turn this entry-level position into something more – something that can grow with you as your experience and skills grow? There are some simple things you can do to increase the chances that you are not passed over for promotion.

Stay tuned. All this information and more is coming your way. It won’t be long now before you will understand who works at Walmart, the employee benefits they enjoy, how to get hired, how to fit work into your life, and finally, how you can make your job into a career.


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