Working from home can be a great way to spend more time with your family or earn extra income without having to put your little ones in daycare. Thousands of people transition into the home workforce every year. People who are looking for a change of pace or who have redefined what is most important to them are heading home in droves and you can too! Please keep in mind that while there are many legitimate work-from-home opportunities, there are many more scams. You will need to thoroughly research the companies you are considering working for. Types of work-from-home opportunities

  • The most well-known home based business are probably Avon and Mary Kay. These businesses and business like them are called MLM businesses. MLM stands for multi-level marketing. With this business model employees also act as recruiters and make more money when they recruit others. A percentage of the recruit’s income is paid to the recruiter. The potential to make a full time income is there but you will have to put in the work. These types of businesses require you to be a slick salesperson not only towards potential clients but to potential recruits as well.


  • Another type of work from home opportunity is freelance work. If you have a skill such as writing or graphic/website design skills you can make a steady income by taking on freelance or contract work. The great thing about this is that you aren’t required to learn a new skill or product line to be successful. You can run your own business form your home office or spare bedroom. You will need to keep detailed financial records of all the money you earn and your business related expenses for use when tax time rolls around. You can find freelance work through sites such as or You can also set up your own website advertising your services and allow clients to contact you.
  • A growing trend among businesses both large and small, even individuals in some cases, is the use of virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is usually a home based job where you work online for an individual or company. Job duties include answering emails, arranging flights and other travel plans, reserving hotels and typing memos or other requested documents. If you have clerical skills and experience this may be a good opportunity for you. Virtual assisting usually requires a dedicated landline and Skype (or similar video chat programs), and a quiet environment if you are required to handle incoming or outgoing phone calls.

No matter which home-based opportunity you choose try to set some goals for yourself to remain productive. Sit down and figure out exactly how many hours per week you have to put into a home business. This can help you gauge how much income you will be bringing in. Another common pitfall of working from home is the tendency of very ambitious people to work all the time. Put yourself on a schedule, take a lunch, do all of the things you would do if you were working outside of the home. Most importantly, know when to call it quits for the day. Following these few simple tips can help you make the most out of your home based business.

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