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In the days gone by, working from remotely was not considered a viable option by many people. The reason for this was the lack of high paying jobs that could be performed from home. However, the latest developments made in the telecommunication sector and the emergence of internet has opened new avenues for people wanting to work from the comfort of their homes. There are a number of work-from-home jobs available nowadays that can earn a person a respectable amount of money. The following are some of the work-at-home jobs that are being adopted by people on both part-time and full-time basis.

Content Writer

Content writing is perhaps the most easiest of all the work-from-home jobs. Anyone having command over the English language and having flair of writing can start a career in content writing. However, in order to be truly successful and earning a good deal of money, you will have to devote a lot of time to writing since the usual pay rates for content writers and bloggers is not that high. Only the experienced professionals who have been blogging for a long time are able to generate enough money from this profession that they do not need a full-time job.

Travel Agent

Opening a home based travel agency has become a very profitable business in the last couple of years with many people successfully operating their travel agencies from home. There is massive potential in this business and if a person is patient and works with a good business plan in mind, he can stand a chance of earning up to $ 100,000 over the course of a year.

Call Centre Representative

Call Centre Representatives can work from home too. Many companies hire such staff members to receive the calls of the customers and provide them the information that they need. Thus, the job description of the call center representative who works from home remains the same, however, he is not physically present at the call centre and instead is receiving the call from the comfort of his home.

Web Designer

Web Designing and developing in among the most profitable work-from-home jobs available in the market at the present moment. The web developers working from home can earn a great deal of money for designing a single website. With more and more companies shifting their businesses to the internet, the demand of web designers and developers is on the rise as they are the ones who are mostly contacted by the companies for designing their virtual stores.


Teaching is another profession that has gradually shifted to the internet. Tutors now use the internet for tutoring students from their homes. This has created a great option for the students who are not able to travel long distances for getting education. With the teachers available online, the students can now complete their education without having to leave the comfort of their homes. The teachers who are using this medium for tutoring are also earning a handsome amount of money.

So, you see, working from home is quickly emerging as one of the best ways of earning money even in these difficult economic times and has most definitely become a great option for people who have been laid off by their current employers.


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