As you may be aware, an accounts payable clerk keeps track of debts owed by a company, and may also issue payments.  While you are looking at an accounts payable job description, it is important to realize that many upper level decisions will be based on the accuracy of your record keeping.  Therefore, even though the job description accounts payable may not directly call for accuracy and attention to detail, you will need to use keywords that express these abilities on you resume, as well as during an interview.

Accounts Payable Jobs

During the process of reading a job description for a accounts payable position,you should not whether the position is an entry level or managerial one.  Since a large company may have a number of accounts payable jobs, you may find that you will start out as a clerk, or a supervisor over a group of them.  Depending on the company, you may also be hired as a manager or assistant manager.  Just about every company will need at least one accounts payable clerk, even if the supervisor of the department also oversees other functions. If you cannot find job openings in your local newspapers, you may be able to find virtual jobs as well as more conventional ones online.

Accounts Payable Resume

While you are editing your accounts payable resume, you should give as much thought to showing that you have a positive ethical outlook as much as portraying any other skill.  No matter whether you are issuing checks for payroll, adding vendor accounts to the ledgers, or actually issuing checks on revolving accounts, you will most likely have access to sensitive banking and credit card information. Today, many companies make use of background checks for accounts payable personnel in an effort to reduce the risk of hiring an embezzler.

Accounts Payable Training

Even though you may be able to get some entry level jobs without a degree in accounting, most companies want to see at least a few courses in bookkeeping.  In most cases, accounts payable  training will also include adaption to the record keeping system used by the company.  While the vast majority of companies now use computerized systems for this task, you may still need to keep track of paper records, or electronic versions of them.  As with so many other things, when you work as an accounts payable clerk, a good bit of your training will also focus on how to create and follow a paper trail.

Many people would think that the accounts payable department is extremely important for the proper function of any given company. Interestingly enough, when it comes to trying to save money, people in this department were often the first to lose their jobs during the recession.  Today, many accounts payable jobs are still endangered, even as companies look for new staff members to take the place of those who are leaving for one reason or another.  If you have training or experience with accounts payable processing, you will find the job market very competitive.  Therefore, you should do everything possible to make  your resume as strong as possible.

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