The job of a bookkeeper is very important in a company and one that comes with quite a few responsibilities. So Bookkeeper Job Description is very clear because it is a respectable position. The duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper vary from company to company. So, Job Description for a Bookkeeper professional will include the ability to understand the maintenance of the books of a company that may be finance records, cash book, bank books or official documents. Nowadays, so many companies need this type of employee because the role of a bookkeeper is required there. Every company wants to strengthen their financial part so the potential bookkeeper plays a major role in this regards. The Job description for Bookkeeper is an essential part of a company because they not only take care of the books but also deal with bills and payments.

Bookkeeper Job

The Bookkeeper job is one of the most demanding jobs nowadays. Usually a bookkeeper working for a smaller company will have a larger range of functions to perform. It is not necessary to start a job as bookkeeper. One can start at an entry level job like clerical or accountant to understand the job quality better. Whenever the company makes any transactions, it is the duty of the bookkeeper to record it. There are positions across a wide range of organizations, so it is best you chose an industry you are interested in – health, public sector, charities for example. The larger your company, the more opportunities for progression there will be. With experience and qualifications you could choose to be self-employed supporting several smaller businesses. The salary of a bookkeeper is depending upon experience and skills. So a bookkeeper has the ability to work quickly and accurately.

Bookkeeper Responsibilities

Bookkeeper Responsibilities may vary from company to company. Their main job is to maintain the books of the company he works for. Their responsibility is to record the transaction of money. A very important job of the bookkeeper is to keep the bills and the receipts as ready reference for any transaction recorded. The bookkeeper has to keep a calculation of the trial balance and the balance sheet of the company at the end of the year. A bookkeeper has to maintain the subsidiary books and prepare for the payroll payments. It is the bookkeeper’s job to find out if there have been any errors while recording, posting or balancing any account. He has to follow all the rules .related to accounting in the country in which his company is operating. The job of the bookkeeper may also be made to include all the tax, debt collection and financial analysis. This means that the bookkeeper may also work as a finance professionals and take the various decisions regarding purchase of materials and production costing. If the company the bookkeeper is employed in is a start-up, then he may also have to design the accounting system for the company. They also maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence.

Bookkeeper Training

The Bookkeeper Training that a person has to have starts with a bachelor’s degree. A bookkeeper is expert in accounting practices. Besides these, good computer skills are also needed. Not only good concentration is a necessity in this case, an ability to work within deadlines is another most important quality of a bookkeeper.


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