The job description for Bookkeeping is to create and maintain financial records for an organization. Large companies employ their own bookkeeping departments, and there are people in bookkeeping jobs who have many clients, doing the books for companies who can’t afford their own bookkeeping staff, or for individuals or small businesses who do not have the bookkeeping training to do it themselves. Whatever the company, the bookkeeping job description is to record all financial transactions for the client or company and reconcile all financial records as needed.

Bookkeeping Jobs

There are many bookkeeping jobs that fall under the job description Bookkeeping. In a large company there will be a whole department dedicated to the bookkeeping function. You may be in charge of keeping and maintaining tax records, working in purchasing requisitions, cash expenditures, debt collection, accounts receivable and payable, or many other specific functions. If you work for a smaller company, you may be the only one in charge of all bookkeeping jobs. In this case, you will perform all of those functions yourself, and may even have to take on more clerical or administrative duties when needed. If you work for a firm that strictly performs the function of the job description bookkeeping, you may do one function for many companies, or be in charge of all books for one specific client. One of the great things about having bookkeeping training is that you can also work for yourself. If you have your own bookkeeping company, you can either do all of the work yourself for all clients, or hire others and divide out the different bookkeeping jobs to your own employees.

Bookkeeping Resume

When you build your bookkeeping resume, keep in mind that you want to showcase your talents, your training, and those personal qualities that will make you desirable to companies.  You should list your education, especially any accounting and bookkeeping courses you have taken. Most employers will want at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting for even their lowest bookkeeping jobs. If you want to promote to an administrative position in the bookkeeping job description, you should also list business administration or office administration education or training that you have received. Work experience is important; you should make sure your bookkeeping resume prominently displays any work you’ve done reconciling numbers, dealing with money, or tracking finances. Something that training and education can’t create are the personality qualities that employers will desire as a part of their job description for bookkeeping, such as honesty, self-initiation, attention to detail, and the ability to accept feedback. To highlight these traits, make sure your bookkeeping resume includes references who will attest to your possession of those qualities.

Bookkeeping Training

The training required for a bookkeeping job begins with a college degree in accounting. From there, you can go further if you obtain a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation as well. For supervision positions in the bookkeeping job description, you should look for administration training courses, or even a business administration degree. Any on the job training you can obtain will be helpful, especially in accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, accounts receivable, or other finance administration areas. With the proper training, education, and experience you can have a rewarding career as a bookkeeper.

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