Many people think that working as a payroll clerk or manager only involves processing payroll.  If you work in a small company, you may also be asked to prepare monthly payroll reports as well as carry out various oversight tasks. As you read the payroll job description, you should keep in mind that your activities will usually be studied by a CPA, and even government officials if the company is audited. Therefore, aside from purely mechanical tasks, ethics and attention to detail will always be important. 

Payroll Jobs

Depending on the size of the company, you will find that  payroll jobs can span the range from entry level to management.  If you are interested in working for a payroll processing company, you will have a better chance of gaining promotions. That said, any company from government offices to small business that have not outsourced payroll processing can offer viable employment.   When it comes to  the  job description payroll for virtual companies, you should  think about how you will work in that type of setting.

Payroll Resume

In most cases the job description for a payroll clerk will list degree and experience level requirements.  Aside from making sure that your payroll resume adheres to these guidelines, you will also need to list traits related to ethics.  Unfortunately, when it comes to points where embezzlements may occur, the payroll clerk often has both the access and the means to steal from the company.  In a similar way, when it comes to tax audits, you will find that payroll oversights often create the largest number of red flags.  Therefore, if you are interested in these jobs, you should find some way to indicate that you can pass a detailed background check, as well as maintain a high standard for accuracy.

Payroll Training

Many people begin payroll training with courses in bookkeeping or accounting.  From there, you may work a number of entry level jobs, where you will gain experience with various kinds of payroll processing software as well as report filing standards. If you want to progress to management level positions, or start your own payroll service, you should take courses in marketing, business, and management.  It is also important to note that government guidelines tend to change when it comes to uniform record keeping standards, as well as payroll calculations.  Therefore, taking mini courses or seminars focusing on this type of information will round out your training as well as help you look better as a job applicant.

If you enjoy working with numbers, and do not mind a high level of scrutiny, then working as a payroll officer may be something that appeals to you.  Since these jobs are often outsourced to dedicated agencies, you may find that getting a job will involve dealing with a high level of competition.  At the very least, if you can align your resume to the job description at hand, getting an interview, and ultimately being invited to work will be much easier.



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