The Administration job description is one that encompasses many different careers. Generally when you are reading a job description for Administration you will find it deals with the aspects of running the business. Some of the duties of Administration are both long-term and short-term planning, recruiting and hiring the staff, organizing the different parts of the business and making sure they work together, directing the business, controlling the operations or making sure things are done according to plan, and budgeting for the operations of the company. Each of the duties of Administration takes multiple people and often a whole department. A budget division, for example, requires many people to perform all of the tasks of establishing, planning, implementing, and tracking the spending of a company.

Administration Jobs

There is a wide variety of jobs available under the job description Administration. The most common Administration jobs that are entry-level are administrative assistants and administrative secretaries. These jobs are usually more clerical in nature, involving computer work to analyze data related to the duties of people in the office, to coordinate records and forms, and to prepare reports and other documents for management staff. From there as you build your Administration resume you can move up into higher paying and more managerial Administration jobs that require training and experience. In each different section of Administration job descriptions there are differing levels of responsibility. Other Administration jobs are accountants, purchasing specialists, labor relations managers, employee relations specialists, training coordinators, benefits managers, recruiters, retirement specialists, forms analysts, records clerks and records supervisors, the list truly does go on and on.

Administration Resume

If you are interested in Administration jobs you need to build your resume to suit the career you seek. The most basic thing your resume should have is a complete list of all the Administration training you have received such as college courses, degrees such as Masters of Business Administration, on-the-job training, any computer programs you are proficient in, and of course any prior Administration jobs you have held. Many of the qualifications you have for one specific career within the Administration job description will carry over into other careers in that same job description. For example, an administrative secretary in the budget department can perform the same duties in the public relations or human resources department as well. As long as your Administration resume includes enough information to convince employers that you are qualified, you can obtain any career under the job description Administration.

Administration Training

Administration training at a minimum should include computer programs such as Microsoft Office programs. After that, computer training will need to match the Administration jobs you desire. For example, you will need to master budgeting software, or scheduling software, depending on if you want to work with budget or staffing departments in an organization. Much of the training for management positions within the Administration job description can be more generic. This is where an MBA or Masters of Business Administration degree is going to be useful. If you are trained in business Administration, then you have sufficient training for most of the careers that fall under the job description Administration.


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