Those that have an eye for detail will find that they have just part of what it takes to work in the world of an administrative assistant job. Those looking at the administrative assistant job description will find that there are many things they will be asked to do. Some will be working with scheduling clients and keeping the schedule for those that they are working for. Others might be putting together paperwork and ensuring that signatures are given and then filed the way they should be. The job description for an administrative assistant might include that they know how do to payments. They should be courteous as they will be the first person that many see when they come to that particular office. They have to maintain confidentiality as well as know how to greet clients both in the office and on the phone.

The job description administrative assistant has a long list of duties. Many who are in the office will find that they might not be able to function if it were not for these individuals. They do the grunt work for those in the office that some might not want to do and for which takes a lot of time to do. This work takes away from the professionals. So, when they can have someone do the things like the setting up appointments and making copies, this allows them to do other things.

Administrative Assistant Jobs

Those that work within administrative assistant jobs or those who are looking for one will find that they get paid well. They can make up to fifteen to twenty dollars per hour depending on the job, the amount of hours, and how much experience they have. There are a number of settings they could be working at. Some of them are part time while others are full time. The administrative assistant jobs usually get holidays off and many of them have nice hours where they only work business hours which is usually until five. Some will have you to work weekends and such. Again, it just all depends on what sort of business you will be working for as to what days and what hours you will be asked to work.

Administrative Assistant Resume

When it comes to the administrative assistant resume, there are a few things they will be looking for. Experience is one thing. They usually want you to be proficient in using Microsoft Office. This includes knowing how to use Excel, Word, and Access. Sometimes, you might have to know how to use Power Point as well. Other things they will be looking at are what skills you possess. Good things to include on your administrative assistant resume would include how many words per minute you can type. Others will want to know what office equipment you can use. Others will want to know if you can use multi line phones. Keeping confidentiality and upholding a professional are some things to include as well.

Administrative Assistant Training

When it comes to administrative assistant training, the computer is going to be the biggest thing they are looking at. They want to see that you have the training to do the things and use the programs that they expect to use. They want to see how much experience you have so even if you are running the desk at church filling in for the church secretary, this counts as experience. Other administrative assistant training would include getting a degree such as human services degree. This helps you to learn all about the types of people you will be working with as well as some of the laws that might come up depending upon where you work.

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