If you read newspapers or magazines, you are sure to take note of editors associated with the publication.  In most cases, if you are applying or an editorial job, you will need to be more than a good writer.  Typically, the editor job description includes being a proof reader, assigning jobs to writers, ensuring publications are produced on time, and occasionally writing filler materials.  As you read the job description editor you should always be aware of how your resume will reflect on writing, management, and other skill needed to perform this job.

 Editor Jobs

Many people looking for editor jobs mistakenly believe that will only find them with companies that produce paper based media.  On the other hand, as more newspapers and book publishing companies switch to electronic publications, you will find that they also need editors for these positions.  In addition, you will also find that some of the best websites online also have a dedicated editor that works with the webmaster and writers to deliver effective and useful content.  Therefore, if you are looking for a job description for an editor, it may help to consider how the materials will ultimately be presented to consumers. 

Editor Resume

In most cases, the  editor resume will focus on experiences related to managing a team of writers, as well as excelling as an author.  You will most likely want to list previous job duties that portray you as a motivator, as well as someone dedicated to excellence.  Your resume should also indicate your own personal flair and style for writing. Even if you cannot fit this type of content into the body of the resume, your cover letter should convey a balance of creativity and professionalism.  Individuals that want to work for publications that tend to produce controversial content should also provide links to a portfolio of  compelling writings.

Editor Training

Many talented writers begin their  editor writing with degrees in journalism, English, literature, or some other degree related to written media.  If your career plans include being an editor, it may also be of some use to take management level or courses, or even a complete a minor in business.  Since editors must also have a good sense of how the general public thinks, a few courses in psychology and sociology may also be of use.  Needless to say, individuals that have a diverse set of life experiences will also have a better chance of being successful editors.

There is no question that being an editor can be as challenging as it can rewarding.  If you want to see  any given publication grow in popularity, or become recognized for you ability to bring only the best to readers, then you will need to start by creating the best resume for the job.  At the very least, when you study job descriptions for these positions, you can compare them to your experiences and skills.  Once you find a job, or jobs that match your capacity, you will  find it much easier to create a compelling resume.


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