The job description for an Executive Assistant illustrates someone who is the right-hand of the managers of an organization. An executive assistant will conduct research, prepare reports, schedule meetings, handle any requests for information from their boss or from the public, and maintain the executives’ schedules. Often the Executive Assistant job description will include supervising other clerical staff, or being the manager over payroll or other administrative divisions of the company. The executive assistant is the one who is most often called on to do “other duties as assigned,” or basically do whatever their boss needs them to do in order to assist them in their managerial role.

Executive Assistant Jobs

There are multiple job titles that fall under the job description Executive Assistant. They are Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, Administrative Secretary, Office Manager, and many more. What they have in common are their duties; usually a mix of clerical and managerial duties, and their attachment to the management staff of an organization. Some of the specific tasks an executive assistant will complete include managing schedules for the executives, preparing memos, reports, letters, invoices, and multiple documents using word processing and other office software; process incoming mail, memos, reports, etc. and distribute them to the executives or other departments as needed; maintain the files of corporate documents; and greet visitors and determine what access they will be given to the different executives in the organization. Often, an executive assistant will be the manager of other clerical departments, or just of an office full of clerical staff that assists him/her in their duties for the manager.

Executive Assistant Resume

The Executive Assistant resume should highlight the skills, education, and training necessary to make the employee the ultimate in secretaries, with a touch of manager thrown in for good measure. Clerical knowledge you should show proficiency in is word processing, records management, transcription, designing forms, and file management. You should be able to show that you have excellent verbal and written communications skills and that you know how to write effective memos, reports, and other documents. Any previous jobs or experiences that demonstrate good customer service and other interpersonal skills will also be helpful. Any courses you have completed either in college, technical school, or from a private vendor, that improve customer service, clerical, administrative, or managerial skills should also be noted on your Executive Assistant resume.

Executive Assistant Training

The training required for positions in the Executive Assistant job description can be provided as a part of the Executive Assistant job, usually if you begin as an entry-level receptionist or other office worker. In order to be more qualified more quickly, you could take courses at a technical or vocational school in office administration, or you could even obtain a degree in office management or office administration. Executive Assistant training is offered by many vocational schools, where they will teach the required office software courses, as well as simple bookkeeping, schedule planning, document preparation, and research skills. If your goal is to obtain one of the Executive Assistant jobs in a large organization, working for the top management of the company, it may serve you well to obtain a degree in office administration, human resources, business, or public relations, or one related to the industry of your desired company. With the proper training to round out your resume, you can find a great Executive Assistant job.


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