Chances are, you have heard that office administrator jobs were often eliminated during the recession. While many companies are still shedding these jobs, others that are regaining ground are looking to hire.  Therefore, as you look at an office administrator job description it is very important to look past the basic clerical duties in order to fully understand what the company will be trying to achieve.  For example, even if the job description  office administrator focuses on bookkeeping or quasi management tasks, you should think about how your prospective job will overlap with other departments, as well as how to bring a unique edge to the position.

Office Administrator Jobs

Most people looking for  office administrator jobs turn to medical practices, law firms, accounting agencies, corporate headquarters, government agencies, and outsourcing facilities.  Depending on the complexity of tasks, and the level of trust required, you may be asked to undergo more than one interview after submitting your resume.  While it may take a bit longer to get a higher paying job, you can, and should focus on companies that will also offer the highest level of job security.  In general, you can use online job search sites as well a local job boards to find positions to apply for.

Office Administrator Resume

As you work on your  office administrator resume, it is very important to focus on being a team player, as well as having the ability to guide others in the department to optimal levels of performance.  No matter whether you are applying to work in a school or a private business, you should also use keywords that will convey a sense of ethics. Since you may often be exposed to sensitive information, it will also be of immense benefit to be prepared for a background check. Even though you do not need to state this in the resume, you may be asked to give permission for this type of check in your cover letter or application.

Office Administrator Training

In most cases,  office administrator training will include a combination of college education and direct job experience.  Even though many office administrators major in business or marketing, some companies may also hire you if you have a background in computer science, psychology, or some degree related to their industrial niche. For example, if you want to work in a law office and have a degree in criminal justice, you may be able to get an entry level office administrator job.

If you want to work as an office administrator, you are likely to find that competition will be fairly intensive.  That said, if your resume indicates that you will be a good fit for the job, you can rest assured that your prospective employer will be interested in seeing if you really are the best person.  At the very least, if you amend your resume to match a specific job description, you will have a better chance of being interviewed and then being offered a job.

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