As you may be aware, an office assistant may perform a number of diverse tasks, or even take on management level roles for special projects.  While you should always focus on the current needs of the company while reading an office assistant job description, it may also be of some help to indicate that you can perform more advanced duties.   If you feel hesitant about taking this approach, you can always try to make contact with the job description  office assistant author in order to find out more about what may be expected in the future. 

Office Assistant Jobs

Invariably, you will find that the job description for an  office assistant will include routine clerical duties such as typing, answering the phone, and managing an appointment book. If you are attached to the bookkeeping department, IT, or the executive suite, your job duties may also include some aspects that touch on the main operational tasks.  If you are having problems finding  office assistant jobs, you may want to try online job banks.  Today, there are also a number of companies that hire virtual admins.  Even though these jobs may be harder to adapt to, at least they will offer steady employment.

Office Assistant Resume

During the process of working on your  office assistant resume it is very important to note educational experiences that will make you an ideal candidate for working with diverse  office jobs. Aside from clerical training, you should also make a note of it if you have a background in psychology, communications, or even sociology. Since you will often be asked to work as part of a team, indicating that you work well in these positions will also be important.  Many office assistant candidates often fail to note a flexible outlook as well as the capacity to change gears quickly.

Office Assistant Training

In general, you will find that  office assistant training will most likely take place in a vocational school, or via high school or college classes that will serve as the core of your skill set.  For example, you may take classes in keyboarding, shorthand, dictation, office protocols, and ethical communications.  Aside from this, you may be asked to learn how to navigate with custom software programs as well as other equipment once you are hired by certain companies.  That said, even if you do not know how to use a specific program, that should not deter you from putting in an application if you know how to use something similar.

While you will find  good bit of competition for office assistant jobs, creating an appealing resume should ensure that you will get a number of interview offers.  Unfortunately, when it comes to developing a good resume, many people actually ignore the job descriptions offered by the company.  Even if you spend a few minutes comparing this listing to your resume, a handful of changes may be all that is required to gain positive attention, and then ultimately secure a good job.


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