An office manager provides support to the company by maintaining the clerical and administrative functions of the organization as well as supervising clerical and administrative employees. One part of the Office Manager job description is to organize the physical part of an office; the forms, paperwork, equipment, etc., while the other part of a job description for Office Manager is to organize and supervise the people who work in the office; the secretaries, paralegals, payroll clerks, etc. Some duties of those in Office Manager jobs are to organize office procedures and operations; design and maintain filing systems; assign and monitor clerical functions; develop procedures for designing, maintaining, filing, and destroying records; establish procedures for office functions; schedule and assign employees to the different tasks of the office; coach, counsel, and discipline employees as necessary; prepare reports and other documents as needed. Essentially the duties assigned to the job description Office Manager are to be the head of the clerical and administrative function of the company.

Office Manager Jobs

There are many Office Manager jobs available to those who search. Most companies start out small with only a few clerical or administrative employees, but as they grow, they find they need an entire department devoted to all of the administrative paperwork. The job description for an Office Manager is to manage that department. Often the office manager is someone who has worked for a long time in that particular area, as one of the clerical staff who has gained experience and credibility and is now tasked with running the office.

Office Manager Resume

An Office Manager resume should show the training, education, and experience you have that qualify you for the position. Some companies are satisfied with a large amount of experience with increasing levels of responsibility. Others want a Bachelor or Master’s degree in business administration, finance, or accounting in addition to experience with a position that has some sort of Office Management job description. On your Office Manager resume, list the previous experience that you have as either an office manager, an administrative assistant, a supervisor, administrative secretary, or even as an acting supervisor or manager in an office environment. You will also want to list any Office Manager training you have, be it on the job or courses you have taken through private vendors or post-secondary school. Emphasize any education, experience or training you have that showcases strength or proficiency in team building, business operations, customer service, clerical skills, human resources, supervision, management, and problem solving. Look at other Office Manager resumes and find similar skills that you can highlight on your own resume.

Office Manager Training

The Office Manager training you can obtain can come from formal college or university education, from vocational schools, or from online vendors. It can even come as part of your work experience in the clerical field. Take the initiative to learn everything you can about managing the office where you work or, if you do not yet work in an office, look for vocational schools that will teach you clerical skills as well as office management techniques. You will go even further if you receive training in human resources, payroll management, or paralegal skills. With the proper training and education, you will be able to procure one of the available Office Manager jobs.


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