No matter whether you need to have a car or some other appliance fixed, chances are, you will be working with a service manager at some point.  Overall, the service manager job description includes being able to supervise staff members that perform services as well as ensure these individuals have all of the tools, resources, and training required to do their job.  While you are studying the job description service manager, it is important to note that you will be asked to exercise accounting skills as well as purely managerial ones.

Service Manager Jobs

For the most part, you will find that  service manager jobs are often available at car dealerships, outlets that perform licensed repairs for appliances, and utility companies.  As you read the job description for a  service manager you may find that some positions are actually entry level in relation to the number of supervisors that will be monitoring your work.  That said, you will still find that complex decision making skills are needed more often than they might be for other entry level job titles.  If you are looking for work as a service manager, your best options will most likely be found online.

Service Manager Resume

Even though you may not be asked to do any repairs, a  service manager resume should always include hands on experience with repairs that you will be supervising.  It is also important to note that you have experience as a leader and motivator. Since repair jobs can become fairly monotonous, you may also want to use a few keywords to denote that you are aware of a constant need for quality assurance and following protocols related to record keeping.  Aside from good communication and motivation skills, you will also need to show a capacity for making sure that the department has enough resources. This may involve listing job duties that include ordering commonly used parts, purchasing tools that improve efficiency, or altering the lighting so that workers can improve their performance.

Service Manager Training

In general,  service manager training may start with a college degree in business or management. You may also work a few jobs directly engaged in carrying out repairs, ordering parts, or even attending to accounting needs for the service department of a company.  Depending on where you work, you may even find that they will provide leadership training classes if you show the capacity to do well in a managerial position.  That said, if you are looking to be hired directly as a manager, you will need to show that you already have these skills.

Many people looking for service manager jobs realize that these positions are a bit more recession proof than others in any given company.  This, in turn, may increase the volume of competition for job openings from outside applicants, as well as from people already working in the department. If you are trying to get this type of job, you should focus on experience as a leader, as well as pride in excellence.


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