When the industrial revolution began, most of the jobs in the world were manual labor. People worked on assembly lines, but over time these jobs were replaced by machines. It became necessary for people to learn new skills for other types of careers. In the world today, one of the most common jobs that you can hold involves customer services. Businesses do not need people to make their products anymore, but they are dependent upon people who can fit the Customer Service Job Description.

It is not always easy to work in customer service. Customers have expectations about the type of service they should get from an organization and it is to the customer service representative to fill their needs. What makes this job difficult is that everyone has different expectations and one to the key parts of the Job Description Customer Service you need to be aware of is the need to be flexible. It is important to handle situations in different ways depending on what the expectations of that customer are. Some of the key elements for the Job Description for a Customer Service representative include:

  1. Ability to listen well. A customer service representative must hear the things that a customer is saying without pre-judging them.
  2. Ability to communicate. The customer service representative has to be able to explain what they can and cannot do in a way that the customer will accept.
  3. An even temperament is very important. A customer service representative will often be in volatile situations with angry customers and they must remain calm and collected to do their job.
  4. Knowledge of multiple languages is a strong asset for customer service representatives.
  5. Ability to work flexible hours. Many customer service representatives have to work shifts that span the entire day and are needed seven days a week, including holidays. Customer Service jobs do not always fit into a typical workday that you might expect.
  6. Knowledge of computer systems and basic computer skills. A customer service agent will usually have to work on a computer and will have to be able to document their work in the system that the business uses.

Customer Service Jobs

Many companies have their own customer service departments, while other outsources these duties to companies that specialize in this type of service. You can find entry level customer service positions, senior customer service positions and managerial customer service positions. Some companies have a special department that handles the hard problems that can arise that is staffed by the most senior and experienced customer service representatives. Salaries for customer service positions range from minimum hourly wage to salaries that can exceed $50,000 a year.

Customer Service Resume

A good Customer Service resume will highlight a person’s experience in dealing with people. This cannot only include job experience, but also should include experience in different organizations and other places where you can interact with people. Communication is very important in this filed and it is essential that the resume shows the ability to communicate effectively.

Customer Service Training

Customer Service training does not always involve a formal degree. You can find entry level customer service positions that only require a high school diploma. Extra training in computer fields and other types of training that will help working with people is helpful but not always necessary. Most companies have a training program that teaches their customer service representatives the things they need to know to do their job.

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