CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. This is the top leadership position in a company or organization. The CEO job description includes many high-level responsibilities. For example, he CEO is a leader, who advises the Board of Directors, proposes ideas to help the company, and motivates employees to help accomplish the company’s goals. Another of the CEO’s responsibilities is to be an information bearer who represents the company to the public, and also is the link between the board and the employees. The CEO is a decision maker and manager, who creates policies and guides the actions of the company, oversees operations and human resources, and manages the finances and other resources of the company. At the end of the day, the job description for a CEO is simple: to provide the vision and strategy for the company.

CEO Jobs

CEO jobs can be found in every field. Most companies have a board of directors and someone who will fall under the job description for a CEO, if not an actual CEO perhaps a President. In addition, you can find CEO jobs in non-profit organizations as well. The CEO is a leader, so any organization that requires a leader, needs a CEO. CEO’s are very high-salary and high-profile positions, especially in large companies. Some people who work in the CEO job description actually enjoy a great deal of fame due to their position in large or popular companies. Also, the average salary in the United States for CEO jobs is about $726,000. Such a job requires training, experience, and education that will allow the CEO to lead a whole organization.

CEO Resume

When applying for a position with a CEO job description, keep in mind that these are the highest positions in a company. The best education, the most experience, and the biggest dedication to ongoing training are what will secure a CEO job. Make sure that you describe the work experience that you have, explaining how the jobs you have held have prepared you to be an excellent CEO. It will be especially important to show how each position has given you increasing responsibility and higher levels of CEO training. List the degrees you have obtained, and also any additional coursework you’ve done in management, finances, public relations, or strategic planning. If you have worked as a volunteer or have other life experience that has helped you learn the qualities you read about in a job description for a CEO, make sure to highlight those as well. Something to mention is that you need to make sure your CEO resume is complete, and completely honest. More than one CEO has been fired and disgraced due to embellishing their resume to make themselves look more qualified to the hiring company. Once that happens, their career is ended as far as any CEO jobs are concerned.

CEO Training

CEO training takes in education as well as on-the-job training. Anyone looking for a job with a CEO job description should have a Master’s Degree, preferably in a business administration area. An MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is the usual degree that CEO’s will have. In addition, many companies will send their management employees to specialized training with contract education firms. This is excellent CEO training because it is specific to the industry the CEO works in. Experience within companies, with increasing levels of responsibility, will also give prospective CEO’s the training they need to succeed.


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