The job description for a President has a large and varied list of duties. First and foremost, a company president is the face of the company to the public, stockholders, and the company’s Board of Directors. The President job description also includes making plans to advance the goals of the company, and oversee company operations to assure quality, efficiency, service, and cost-effectiveness. A company President job is one of the highest paying in the organization and requires not only education, training, and experience, but personal charisma and luck.

President Jobs

President jobs are one of the highest paid in the company. They usually come with an amazing benefits package and even something called a “golden parachute,” to make sure that if the president is fired for any reason, they have a large amount of money to make life more comfortable until they find a new president job. Another name given to the job description of a President is CEO or Chief Executive Officer. Presidents often have to work nights and weekends, because part of the President job description is to be the chief representative of the company, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There will be meetings, galas, and other functions that require that the president attend in order to represent the company.

President Resume

The education requirement for any career with the job description President is a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance. Also most of the President training happens on the job, so many years of experience moving up in a company with increasing levels of responsibility is also required for a President resume. Usually a president will have already been the director of divisions or departments for several years either at the company he/she is applying for, or at a different but similar company. Some qualities that someone working within the President job description must be able to demonstrate through their work experience, education, and training, are verbal and written communication skills, excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, the ability to interact with people in government, to include high-level government officials, and the ability analyze and interpret financial data, policies, reports, and many other kinds of documents. Part of the President resume should include experience in contracting, change management, negotiation, public relations, and strategic planning. Certainly you will want to make sure that your resume is extremely truthful and complete; any company that is looking to hire you will want to make sure that there is nothing in your past that may bring embarrassment to the company.

President Training

Most of the President training candidates for this position will receive will be on the job. As you move up in a company you will gain experience. You will have positions of increasing responsibility, first as a supervisor, then as a manager, and then higher in the chain of command. In each position you will gain training in customer service, employee relations, financial management, and negotiations, among other skills. When you decide that you want a President job, read up on job descriptions for a President and try to gain the skills and experiences that those President job descriptions detail. You will need to obtain formal education as well. Consider going to a four-year university for an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration), or other business, finance, and accounting degrees. The more prestigious the university, the better your chances will be to net that fabulous President job with the golden parachute.


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