Over the years, the definition of “nurse” has evolved to include many job duties formerly handled mainly by doctors. This may include prescribing medications, making medical decisions of low to moderate complexity, and even seeing patients for various issues without a doctor being physically present for each session.  No matter whether you are reading a nurses job description for an LPN, RN, or NPA, it is also important to know which kinds of patient demographic you will be working with.  For example, the job description for a nurses position may include pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, surgical, trauma, and many other kinds of nursing.

Nurses Jobs

While you are reading the job description nurses, you will find that many places will hire this type of medical professional. Aside from medical facilities, you may be able to work in schools, private companies, for sports teams, and even in patient homes.   Even though most entry level jobs will focus on direct patient care, you may also want to apply for management level jobs, where you will be responsible for overseeing tasks carried out by others.  Individuals looking for nurses jobs can expect a good bit of competition.  That said, if you look online, you may find more openings than what you will discover in local newspapers.

Nurses Resume

Overall, a nurses resume will focus heavily on your clinical concentration as well as the type of license that you hold.  If you have been working as a nurse for some time, you will have a better chance of being able to list the kinds of job skills that will match up with any given job description.  You should also use keywords that will describe you nursing style, as well as your ability to work in stressful and emergency situations.  In some cases, you can lightly touch on these matters in your cover letter, and then tie them to specific job locations in the resume.

Nurses Training

For the most part, nurses training will always start with a 2 – 4 year college degree.  You should also be sure to list continuing medical education credits, as well as any additional certifications that you may hold. No matter whether you have BCLS, ACLS, or other types of certificates, they will all help increase your value as an applicant.  Once you are hired for a nursing job, you will most likely receive additional training so that you can work effectively with medial equipment at the facility, as well as all of the protocols used to cover any number of situations.

Many people are choosing nursing careers because they think job security and advancement opportunities will be better than those offered in other occupational fields. Unfortunately, today many people looking for these jobs wind up spending at least 6 months looking for employment.  If you truly want to get a job as quickly as possible in this field, tailoring your resume to a specific job description is far more important than you may have realized.


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