The first thing an individual seeks before taking up a career as nurse is a Nursing Job Description. A very lame idea often pre-occupies the minds of many people that the job of a nurse is low in profile, status and importance in medical field. But the fact remains that, today the medical fields are totally dependent on the efficient nursing professionals. While searching for the Job Description for a Nursing professional one must come across many technical nomenclatures but in simple words the nursing professionals provide care, and handle emergency situation ranging from dressing, injections, and medications for all the patients in the hospitals and nursing homes. The nurses also needs to be trained enough to handle emergency situations in absence of a doctor. The Job Description Nursing professionals seek can be different from this overall description depending on the specification of the post. But there is no denying of the fact that a professional and perfectly trained nurse can be a good substitute for a doctor in many situations.

Nursing Jobs

While searching for Nursing jobs one may find many options because the field has made many noticeable advancements in the past decade. Today Nursing jobs are divided into many types and ranks according to the role played by the nursing professionals. The job can be divided into the following categories: the nurse practitioner, head nurse or supervisor, home health nurses and licensed practical nurses. Nurse practitioners are trained in such a way so that they can cover all round caring jobs in the hospitals and they are also adept in deliveries and other medication jobs. To apply for the post of head nurse one need to have minimum 10-12 years of experience in the field of nursing. Home health nurses are generally employed by the patients who prefer to receive treatments in their homes.

Nursing Resume

The first thing required to get a nursing job is to prepare a perfect Nursing resume for oneself. While preparing a Nursing resume one must keep training and experiences as the main focus. The resume may contain slight personal and educational detail but the main focus must be laid on the degrees and diplomas obtained from reputed institutions in nursing training. The resume must contain the work experience or experience of internship of an individual if any. It is also better to include the detail of workshops and seminars attended on nursing training and courses. The contents of the resume may vary in accordance with the post applied by an individual, for example, a resume submitted for the post of home nurse will definitely be different from that of the post of head nurse or supervisor.

Nursing Training

One can begin Nursing training just after completion of high school. In many educational institutions there are special courses on Nursing training. These trainings consist of 2-3 years courses and other practical trainings. In these courses an individual is taught medication, dressing, injections, and how to handle patients with different diseases. There is also specialization for nurse practitioners, home nurses and LPNs. Training is also available from different private educational institutions by distance and online learning but it is advisable to go for regular courses from reputed institutions as they also provide practical workshops and internships in well known medical institutions.



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