People often mistake RN Job Description for simple nursing job descriptions. But the fact is that a registered nurse or RN is different from ordinary nurses. The process of RN selection and qualification is much tougher than the selection of a nurse. The registered nurses are selected if an individual qualifies the NCLEX-RN examination. This examination acts as an entrance exam to become a registered nurse. Job Description for a RN also includes much more efficiency in handling patients and medicating them. The nurses are specially trained even to perform the task of the doctors in case of their absence in an emergency. They are trained in the science of medication and other medical nuances. Doctors prefer registered nurses as their assistants than the common nurses. They are trained even to work independently. Job Description RN seems like the common nursing jobs to some extent, but they are different in their efficiency and qualification. They are mainly appointed as the head supervisor and top level nursing staff. They are also employed in hospitals where efficient nurses are required to handle emergencies regularly.

RN Jobs

Before applying for the RN jobs one must know the types of jobs. These jobs are not very easily available though there is a wide scope of employment in it. In the first place, an individual needs to qualify in a few examinations before choosing her/his career as registered nurse. There are many scopes and different roles allotted for the RNs and they need to be specialized in a specific field in order to make a choice. The RN jobs are generally divided into the following categories: general duty nurses, advanced practice nurses and clinical nurse specialists. General duty nurses are those who take care of all types of patients and teach them healthy habits and proper ways to stay fit. The advanced practiced nurses are trained to work independently by special training and they are considered as the perfect assistant of a doctor.

RN Resume

The RN resume is not much different from a nursing resume. The person who is interested in applying for the job of registered nurse must maintain some basic points while preparing a RN resume. The resume must contain detail of educational background with detail of degree and diplomas achieved. A perfect resume needs to contain a clear-cut mention of the goals and objective of the individual. In case of registered nurse resume, one must include training in nursing and other training. It is better for the job seeker if he/she can include practical experiences and certificates with the resume.

RN Training

RN training is very important for those who aspire to make their careers as registered nurses. The training of a registered nurse is totally different from that of the commonplace nurses. As mentioned earlier, they are called registered nurses just because they qualified a specific exam of NCLEX-RN. One must go through three major educational hurdles before choosing the career as a registered nurse. An individual needs to get her bachelor’s degree in science and nursing in the first place, and then she needs to qualify in the associate nursing degree examination before appearing for the final NCLEX-RN exam. RN training is mainly given to the student in order to prepare them for passing the exam.



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