Even though some people look down on social workers because they use tax money to take care of people that cannot afford to survive, just as many others realize that social workers play a number of vital social roles. This includes helping to get women and children out of domestic violence situations as well as help administer a wide range of programs that serve the public good.  If you have a degree in psychology, sociology, or administrative services, it may be of some use to study a social work job description.

Social Work Jobs

While you are searching for a job description social work, you will most likely find them posted by state and county government agencies, schools, and others that often deal with impoverished members of society.  If you read the job description for a  social work case worker, you may find that some duties may include working in client homes as well as in the office.  In general, if you want to apply for these jobs, you can look on websites dedicated to government jobs, as well as your local newspapers.  It should also be noted that social workers are not usually hired after a single interview.  Rather, you may be called for at least two meetings, and then have to undergo a complete background check before you are offered a job. 

Social Work Resume

As you prepare your  social work resume, it is important to realize that you will often need to bring logical and calm to emergency situations.  No matter whether you need to file paperwork, alert law enforcement, or take on other tasks, ethics, compassion, and the ability to maintain client privacy will always be critical matters.  You should always list these skills on your resume as well as point to educational and work related duties that prepare you to function in this type of setting.

Social Work Training

Aside from a college degree, your  social work training may also include sitting for a civil service exam.  Candidates may also be required to take a certain number of continuing education credits each year. No matter whether you attend weekend seminars or teleconferences, you can rest assured that the expansion of your knowledge base will be very important to your job.  This is especially important to consider if you must abide by new state or federal guidelines, and then apply that information in a fair way to each person that appeals to you for help.

Each day, social workers are met with a wide range of responses as they seek to do their jobs with a professional and compassionate outlook.  If you are able to manage difficult situations, and have a suitable educational background, it may be of some benefit to see if you can sit for a civil service exam.  At the very least, if you feel that you can address the needs described in a social work job description, you will increase the likelihood of being called for an interview.

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