A good job description is extremely important to both companies and people looking for work. It allows for communication between the two that makes the hiring process smoother and more productive, assists in training, and ensures that expectations are met once the employee is hired. The most useful job descriptions share some of the same qualities. They clearly communicate the vision of the company, they describe in detail the duties of the position, the training and education requirements, and the physical demands of the job. Other optional elements of a job description are a list of benefits, the salary or pay scale of the job, and a call to action to spur the potential employee to apply or submit a resume. The following are two job description samples to give you an idea of what to expect. One job description sample is for an entry-level position that requires no formal education, and the second job description is for a career that requires state certification.

Customer Service Associate: 

Customer Service Job Purpose: Create and maintain a positive relationship with customers by demonstrating knowledge of store products, providing assistance as needed, and communicating with the customer.

Customer Service Job Duties: Knowledge of store products; communication with customers to provide assistance; gather information from the customer to determine their questions or needs; obtain information and provide to the customer using effective communication skills; review and ensure the customer understands information and is satisfied; solicit feedback from the customer; document customer interaction; continually improve quality through feedback and training; self-initiate projects to improve appearance and efficiency of the store as well as customer experience.

Customer Service Skills/Qualifications: Ability to speak, read, and write English for effective communication; customer focus; interpersonal skills; mulch-tasking; ability to learn and retain knowledge about store products; ability to learn and operate computers and company software; verbal communication skills; reporting skills; self-initiative.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA):

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Purpose: Under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, perform routine technical tasks; monitor the patient’s health; provide needed assistance to the patient for comfort and daily living needs; perform some housekeeping duties; provide companionship to the patient; act as a link between patient and nursing staff.

Certified Nursing Assistant Minimum Qualifications: Fully licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of New Mexico; ability to learn and understand the policies and procedures of the health care facility; English fluency in speaking, reading, and writing; ability to perform simple mathematical calculations; interpersonal skills; customer focus; ability to lift and assist patients in tasks such as sitting; walking; and other daily needs; communication skills; ability to keep patient areas clean, sanitary, safe, and comfortable.

Certified Nursing Assistant Preferred Qualifications: Bilingual English/Spanish fluency in speaking, reading, writing; phlebotomy certification.

Certified Nursing Assistant Physical Demands: Walking/standing required for most of the work time; shifts on a 24-hour basis of 12 hours duration; ability to lift 50 pounds or more and to support/assist grown adult; bending, lifting, and moving furniture during housekeeping duties.

If you are an employer, job sample descriptions are a good way to get a feel for how you should construct your own job descriptions to achieve maximum results. If you are searching for a job, sample job descriptions can help you see what general training, education, and qualities you should develop for any given career, without having to wait for a job posting to be able to see what they are looking for.

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