Sixteen  IT Job Description Clusters

Not so long ago, hiring someone for an IT position usually meant that they would manage an in-house network that had few, if any connections to the outside world.  As more companies rely on the internet and cloud computing, it has also created a situation where IT professionals began to specialize in main areas. While you read about the 16 main clusters of IT jobs, you can think more about the tasks that need to be done at your company, as well as how many professionals you may need to hire to achieve your goals.

Web Design and Maintenance

Aside from defining a company’s internet presence, web design oriented IT professionals also represent the key to functional innovations that will place your site ahead of the competition. These individuals will usually work closely with your marketing and sales people to create the best possible interface for web based customers.

Data Storage

No matter whether you have a medical practice or a retail store, at least one IT professional in your company will be dedicated to data storage. This includes overseeing archives, as well as ensuring the integrity of the information.

Small Business Management

Even though you may hire managers for each department, you may also need an IT person in a management position to help you understand how the computer network and other components fit into each operational unit of your business.

Network and Data Security

It is fair to say that every person and business that exchanges money via a computerized system needs to be concerned about data and network security. If you do not have at least one person on your IT team dedicated to these matters, you can rest assured that hackers and identity thieves will find some way to target your business and its customers.

Operating  Systems and Upgrades

Along with  an increasing trend towards systems without a conventional operating system, there are all kinds of upgrades and maintenance issues that need to be taken care of on a regular basis.

Network Management and Maintenance

Chances are, you will always need to upgrade various hardware aspects of your network in order to take advantage of new technologies. When it comes to integrating new components, you are sure to find that having an IT specialist on staff that specializes in IT management will be very important.

Human Resources and Productivity

Today, many business owners are finding out that human resources professionals truly need to have a background in IT in order to screen applications more effectively as well as take advantage of a wide array of software tools to improve efficiency.

Technical Support

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you do not know how to send an email, or manage some nuance of a program you work with on a routine basis? If so, then you can well understand why you might want to hire one IT person that will be dedicated to resolving these issues.

Email and Communications

While most of your staff members may know how to use chat and email programs, a dedicated IT person can still help with improving efficiency in these systems, as well as help shape policies that will improve overall data security.

Desktop and Worker Stations

When a hard drive fails, or you need to train a new employee to use a custom system, it will not make much sense to wait for someone in the community to take care of these matters. As you search for IT professionals to fill various roles, you might also want to think about how many tasks fall into this category.

Department Management

In most cases, you will find that IT staff members wind up being integrated with other departments. As varied as their tasks may be, you will still need at least on person that can oversee all of their activities at the management level.

Information and Asset Protection

Can you remember a time when a computer hard drive or memory chip on a device failed? If you lost all the data on that device, then you can easily see why an IT person dedicated to information security is so important. Aside from ensuring the system has adequate backup methods in place, these professionals may also oversee data integrity in order to detect hackers or others attempting to make malicious changes to the system.

Internal and External Communications

An IT specialist that works with communications may work very closely with marketing and sales people to produce videos and other types of content that will help the company communicate a wide range of information types to others.

Team Development and Project Tracking

If you operate a company with partners located in diverse geographic regions, project planning and communications will be very important.  An IT specialist in this field will ensure that you have all the tools that you need, as well as confidence in the system that will be used to help you achieve your goals.

Budgeting and Cost Analysis

Depending on the type of equipment that you use for your computer network, and the software on it, there are bound to be recurring expenses. This includes licensing fees as well as maintenance and upgrade contracts for custom software.  At the very least, when you have an IT professional dedicated to this job, they will know more about cheaper options as well as how to get the most from each item that has a recurring fee attached to it.

Software and App Development

Over the years, a number of business owners have arrived at the conclusion that they need custom software to meet various needs. No matter whether you need a phone app for you customers, or a special program for any given department, IT specialists with programming skills will for a central part of your plans.

Many people that think IT professionals all do the same thing may be surprised at the variance in job clusters  and its impact on job descriptions. That said, when you need to describe the tasks you want done, as well as determine a fair salary, keeping these sixteen clusters in mind is very important.  At the very least, when you can communicate more clearly about what you are looking for, you will have a better chance of drawing applicants with the necessary skills.

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