An administrator is someone responsible for running an organization. In the Administrator job description, this will be a person who manages the company, school, or government agency, usually the person at the top of the chain of command. The job description for an Administrator can be for a job such as an Office Administrator, who is the one person in charge of making sure the office runs smoothly (the “boss” of the office, who reports to the boss of the company), all the way to the Administrator of the whole school district or hospital. Administrator jobs require people to possess extreme attention to detail, to be highly organized and flexible, and to have the ability to direct and manage other people and job processes.

Administrator Jobs

Some of the careers available under the job description Administrator are Office Administrator, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Hospital Administrator, Church Administrator, School Administrator, City Administrator, Fund Administrator, and Contract Administrator. All of these Administrator jobs have some things in common. They require the employee to oversee whole offices, organizations, or systems. For example, the Network Administrator is in charge of the computer network for the organization, which takes in multiple departments and offices in the company. An office administrator is in charge of all of the secretaries, payroll people, receptionists, and any other employees in the office, as well as all of the forms, computer files, public relations, etc. in that office. A City Administrator would be an example of the highest level of Administrator job description. This career involves being in charge of all of the departments of the entire city. The people in these jobs are the ones who everyone else in the company answers to. They are the highest paid but also require the most education and experience of all the different careers that fall under a job description for an Administrator.

Administrator Resume

When applying for Administrator jobs, the resume will be especially important. Most careers with an Administrator job description require years of experience in the different parts of the area being administered, with increasing levels of responsibility. Experience that you have with supervision and management are extremely important. In addition, an Administrator resume should include the university or college courses you have taken in preparation for this career. Be sure to list your Administrator training, technical abilities, on-the-job training, any time you have acting in a supervisory capacity, even your volunteer efforts and any leadership roles you have taken in the community. Be sure to pack your resume, but be truthful and don’t embellish the experience or training you have. At the level of the positions that fall under the Administrator job description, organizations usually employ outside firms to verify resume information and check backgrounds on their candidates so your Administrator resume will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb and any perceived dishonesty will cost you the job.

Administrator Training

The training required for Administrator jobs truly depends on the type of job you want in the Administrator job description. In most circumstances, it will require college-level coursework or even a degree. Most Administrator jobs in leadership positions such as hospital, school, city, or church Administrators will require a Master’s Degree. Coursework for these degrees would be organizational leadership, or specific degrees related to the field you are managing (hospital administration, for example). The Administrator job description is broad enough that there are many jobs you could promote to within the field just by promoting from lower jobs, as long as you are concentrating on receiving Administrator training while you are working in those jobs. There are many careers to choose from in the Administrator job description. Choose one and start today by getting the training you need to apply with a well-rounded and qualified resume.


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