The job description for a Job Developer is very straightforward on the surface. A job developer is a liaison between people seeking employment, and the companies or organizations that are hiring. In reality, the Job Developer job description goes much deeper. Usually a job developer is an employee of a social service organization that assists the unemployed, and is contacting employees and organizations in order to create employment opportunities for those clients. One part of the job description for a Job Developer is to market themselves and their organization to many companies in order to get a commitment from them that they will assist in giving jobs to clients. Another part is to accurately assess clients to determine which jobs they may qualify for and what companies may be a good fit. The last part is to train clients in interview skills, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence so that they are more likely to be successful at the job procured.

Job Developer Jobs

Most Job Developer jobs are found in the public sector, with social services organizations. Examples of these organizations are Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army, and local, city, county, and state employment assistance groups. Also, certain support groups such as veterans’ support groups, autism groups, or those that work with the homeless, may employ specialists within the job description Job Developer. The best way to find Job Developer jobs is to search with different agencies that serve the public.

Job Developer Resume

A Job Developer Resume should contain training, education, and experience that convince the organization hiring that you are well-qualified to create relationships with companies as well as build rapport with the clients you serve. Some personal qualities your Job Developer resume should highlight are persistence, knowledge, confident, flexibility, communications skills, organizations, accountability, and customer service orientation. You must be able to showcase excellent written and oral communication skills, and bilingual ability is usually preferred. As for education, while a college degree is usually not required, any education you have, especially in computer skills, social work, or business. Any Job Developer training you have received, or experience you have in a prior Job Developer job, should also be noted. Experience you have in fields within the Job Developer job description, or in marketing, sales, or public relations is also essential to highlight.

Job Developer Training

Job Developer training is usually done on-the-job. Most agencies have handbooks and workshops. In addition there are companies that will provide a certification course for Job Developer training or simply workshops that will help improve your techniques. It is important that anyone seeking employment in Job Developer jobs know how to use a computer, Microsoft Office applications, and be able to type. This aspect of Job Developer training can be obtained through community colleges, technical schools, and even some state or county employment assistance agencies. College courses that will improve your chances in careers that fall under the Job Developer job description are marketing, sales, public relations, communications, and social work. All training will be valuable that you can obtain that helps you learn to network, build relationships, and get commitment from companies to hire your clients, and that helps you to train, inspire, and track the people you will be serving.


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