There are numerous careers that fall under the job description Technician. Many fields have a job called “Technician,” such as IT Technician, Pharmacy Technician, etc. The common thing about every job description for a Technician is that they are the first-line workers who do most of the hands-on work in their field. Technician jobs require very specific training and the jobs themselves are more entry-level, although sometimes they can be promoted to supervisory positions with the Technician job description.

Technician Jobs

Some of the jobs available with the job description Technician are Pharmacy Technician, Medical Records Technician, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) Technician, Computer Technician, Automotive Technician, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Radiology Technician, and Surgical Technician. Imagine the jobs where someone absolutely must know what they are doing, that take physical hands-on ability to make something, operate machinery, or fix something. These are usually the jobs that fall under the Technician job description. Technician jobs are usually technical and not just anyone can do them, the people who are employed as technicians in all of these fields are trained in that specific field. After you have been in the job for a while and gain more experience with the policies and personnel issues of the business, you may be promoted to supervisory or management positions.

Technician Resume

Your resume should be tailored to the specific Technician job description for the job you desire. The Technician resume will always need to list all of the job-specific training and education that you have received. This includes college or technical school degrees or certificates. If you have experience at the Technician jobs you are applying for, make sure to note that too. It is possible that you could have experience or training in another career that falls under the job description for a Technician; make sure you put that in your Technician resume as well. If you want to be considered for any sort of management or supervisory Technician job you need to list any administration training or experience you have. Don’t forget to pack your resume full of every bit of education, training, and experience that you have, whether you think it relates or not; but highlight those things that apply more to a Technician job description.

Technician Training

The training needed for the careers that fall under the job description Technician is usually very focused on the particular field. For example, an X-ray Technician must complete college coursework in medical terminology, anatomy, and math in order to get into a school that will certify them for X-ray Technician jobs. Then they have to attend a university or technical school for the actual Technician training. Automotive technicians go to a technical school were they will first learn general mechanics and then go on to learn how to work on different vehicles. At that point, if they want to make more money and advance in their Technician job, they will have to attend even more school to learn how to work on specific makes or styles of vehicles. Depending on which career you are looking for in the Technician job description, you may have more or less formalized training, and possibly more training on the job itself. At any rate, you will always have to learn very specific skills for any of the Technician jobs.


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