The job description for an IT Technician is pretty straightforward. The IT Technician is the first responder to all things computer or network related. You will be setting up, troubleshooting, and repairing desktop and laptop computers, printers, monitors, scanners, etc. You will also work on the wiring, networks, servers, and phone equipment. Part of the IT Technician job description deals with software issues and walking people through computer problems. You will have to reset passwords, help employees in other departments figure out why their programs aren’t working, change screen settings, and help set up networks and printers. Essentially an IT Technician is the person on the ground for any and all computer or network issues in a company.

IT Technician Jobs

There are many IT Technician jobs available. Most companies have an entire department full of employees under the job descriptions IT Technician. There are entry level employees, supervisors, managers, and directors. In addition, personnel who have IT Technician training in different areas such as networks, programming, server technology, etc., can specialize and find a niche in the department. Governments, school districts, newspapers, even churches employ people with the IT Technician job description. Recently, companies have been established that are fully staffed by IT Technicians, who contract with small businesses and organizations to do all of their IT Technician jobs. You can find a career with the job description IT Technician by searching online or by contacting companies directly.

IT Technician Resume

People who want to get IT Technician jobs need to polish up their resume. You should include all of the IT Technician training you have received, such as programming training, certifications you’ve received such as Microsoft Certified IT Professional or A+ Certified Computer Technician, college coursework or technical institute training in the industry. Your IT Technician resume should also list your training and experience with different operating systems and technologies, office programs, email systems, servers, hardware, and networks. List all work experience you have had in the IT Technician job description as many companies look for real-world experience. You need to make sure your resume reflects an ability to work with others when troubleshooting, setting up, and repairing systems. The more people skills you can highlight in your IT Technician resume, the higher your chances are to not only obtain available IT Technician jobs, but to get jobs in management and supervision under the job description IT Technician.

IT Technician Training

The IT Technician training you will need to obtain is industry specific and always changing. Since computers, networks, and other technology are constantly upgrading and changing, your IT Technician resume will need to show that you are continually learning the most up-to-date operating systems and technologies. Some important IT Technician training you need to make sure you have are Computer Technology Industry Association certificate, A+ Certified Technician, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified IT Professional, and MCSE 2000 qualification. The best way to obtain all of these certificates and qualifications is to attend a college or university with IT Technician training programs and obtain a degree. Adding management and personnel administration training to your education can set you up to be able to be hired or promoted to the higher-paying management careers in the IT Technician job description.


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