A job description for Management encompasses many different careers. On the basic level, a Management job description is one that includes organizing and coordinating the activities of employees to meet the goals of the company. There are multiple levels in the job description for Management. There are first line supervisors, middle managers, division heads, department directors, all the way up to Chief Executive Officers and Boards of Directors. Each type of Management jobs will require different training and experience and the ability to obtain those careers will differ as well.

Management Jobs

The most basic of Management jobs is a first line supervisor. Usually members of this Management job description are promoted directly from the pool of people that they will now be supervising. They have the most hands on role in coordinating the activities of their subordinates. Some other positions available in the job description Management are Restaurant Manager, Territory Manager, Community Manager, Retail Store Manager, IT Manager, and Operations Manager. As you can see, the variety is great between the different types of Management job. A Restaurant Manager is in charge of all of the employees of one restaurant, and would report to an Area Manager that would be in charge of several restaurants of one city or part of a city. The Area Manager could report to a District Manager, who in turn reports to the Operations Manager of the entire restaurant chain. A Community Manager is a newer career under the Management job description. These managers oversee bloggers, webmasters, and social marketers in developing a “community” from the public and the industry their employer is in, to link them and provide opportunities for marketing and networking. This is one of the exciting new opportunities in the job description for Management.

Management Resume

A Management resume will look differently for each candidate for Management jobs, depending on what type of Management job description they are applying for. Something they will all have in common is training, experience, and education. The Management training needed for a first line supervisor will be much less than that of an Operations Manager, but you should still list any leadership roles you have taken in your previous work history. When it comes to a job description for Management, you will find needs for organization, attention to detail, leadership, human resource management, decision-making, problem solving, and motivating staff. Find occasions in your work experience that highlight those abilities and make sure they are described in your Management resume. Higher-level Management jobs will require college and graduate degrees in Administration, Organizational Leadership, or the industry the company works in. List everything on your resume that will allow the hiring company to get a feel for how qualified you are for the position. One thing to note: many people embellish their resume. This is a dangerous game to play when applying for careers in the job description Management because the positions are usually higher level and companies will have outside consulting firms verify every detail of resumes. If the company feels you are embellishing or not being honest, they will not hire you. Make sure you include every positive thing you can on your Management resume; just make sure it is all true.

Management Training

Management job descriptions all list requirements for training, because not only is the manager coordinating people and supplies, but often they are considered to be the expert in the area they supervise. First line supervisors require much less Management training than a CEO; but they still require training. Most Management jobs require a college degree of Bachelor’s or even Master’s, and they require that the coursework involve such subjects as strategic planning, human resource management, budgeting and accounting, and cutting-edge business practices. Usually this education can be obtained by way of an MBA degree. MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. Other than university education, the other training that employees of the job description Management will carry in spades will be on the job training, with increasing levels of responsibility. Experience in coordinating, managing, and motivating will ensure a successful career in any of the Management job descriptions.

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