The term General Manager refers to the executive in a business that has responsibility for all aspects of a company, business, restaurant, hotel, etc. While other managers may be in charge of just one part of the operation, for example, there is a manager over housekeeping at a hotel, the job description for a General Manager includes all departments in that hotel. General Manager jobs are higher paying than department manager jobs, because they oversee everything, and are usually a part of the upper level of management in a company, or the highest level of manager in a business or specific store or hotel.

General Manager Jobs

Here are some examples of General Manager jobs you could apply for and have a rewarding career. The General Manager at a hotel is the top officer at a hotel and usually reports to the owner of the hotel. The General Manager of a sports team is responsible for hiring, firing, and management of the players and sometimes even the coaches of the team, as well as negotiating contracts. In a store the General Manager would watch over the whole store, being the boss of the managers of the different departments of the store (clothing, meat, bakery, etc.) The General Manager job description is very generic, but it usually includes all jobs that are the top level for the particular business, and the person in that job reports to the board of directors or owner of the company.

General Manager Resume

The job description for a General Manager includes setting policies and procedures, planning and overseeing operations, and dealing with human resources, administrative services, and all other aspects of a business. When you build your General Manager resume, you need to show that you have the experience, skills, and training to be able to succeed in all of these diverse areas. In addition, if you are applying at a technology company, or in some other specialized field, you need to show training and experience in that field as well. For example, a hotel General Manager should have training and experience in hospitality, preferable a degree in Hotel Management. The higher level of position you are seeking in the job description of General Manager, the more management and business education you will need to put into your resume. Management degrees from a business school are a great addition to your resume. You should be able to show work experience with increasing levels of responsibility. First and foremost, while you should highlight your absolute best in your General Manager resume, do not embellish or overstate your skills because at this high level of the organization, the company, its competitors, or the media will find out and your career will be over. The skills, training, education, and experience you have should be enough, or you need to polish them more before you are ready to shine in a General Manager job.

General Manager Training

General Manager training takes years to accomplish. Start with a degree in a business or management field, training in the field you wish to work in (like technology), and management or administration training on the job whenever you can find it. The most valuable training in the General Manager job description is experience. When you begin work at an airline as an entry-level baggage handler, keep in mind the goal you have of taking the General Manager job and work towards that goal every day as you move up through the company.

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