A marketing job description normally includes the planning, developing and putting into operation an original and all-inclusive marketing, public relations and promotion program aimed at increasing the awareness and use of a product or service by a company or corporation.  A basic job description for a marketing professional can go in many diverse directions.  Marketing comprises many activities and sides so there are many opportunities.  Marketing is the storage place for such activities as advertising, public relations, media planning, sales strategy, and more.  A marketing career is fun and enjoyable at least that is what many individuals who work in the marketing field will tell you.  If you can successfully communicate your ideas, thoughts and information clearly both verbally and in writing and are able to generate new ideas, marketing might be the career path for you.  You also need to be able to see problems and plan an appropriate plan of action to combat those problems.

Marketing offers a variety of career opportunities so it is easy to find one that reflects your values, interest, and sense of personal style.  A job description marketing professional could mention any activities surrounding the introducing and promoting of a new product or service to the market place.

Marketing Jobs

Marketing jobs can include advertising, brand management, market research and public relations.  As you can see the career paths that opens up for anyone with an education in marketing are many but they all include good writing and verbal skills and they all are involved in promoting a company’s product and services into the public square except for public relations which involves the promotion of products as well as the image of the company.  PR departments manage all communication with all the stakeholders of the company.  Public relations departments are considered the company spokespeople.

Each of these marketing jobs can include a different department with a career and career path involved in each one.  So a person with a marketing education has many jobs opened up to them within a marketing career.


Marketing Resume

A marketing resume is basically showing your marketing skills as you are marketing yourself.   You need to be able to define yourself and your target audience.  A good marketing resume should appeal to the person that is going to be reading your resume and should understand what their concerns are.   Your target audience could be a large corporation, a small company or a specific industry within the overall umbrellas of marketing.  After defining your target market, the marketing resume should apply to the audience.   For instance, if your target market is a small company then your resume needs to show that you can successfully handle lots of responsibilities, and small budgets. If it is an executive position you need to show that not only can you lead but you can even jump in and help those under you with the work.

Marketing Training

Marketing training should first consist of a college degree in marketing and should also include an advanced degree into some specific aspect of marketing.  With the world economy as it is today, almost any career should involve an under-graduate as well as an advanced degree.  Today’s marketing training should also include internet marketing which is basically a new field within the last decade.

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