People often possess the wrong notion about marketing and sales being the same job, but the fact is that they are two different sectors of a company. Marketing Manager Job Description describes the process and types of marketing a company can use and a Marketing Manager is responsible for looking after the whole marketing situation of the company. The marketing scenario of a company does not only include the sales division but also includes the production and the parity between production and sales. A Marketing Manager’s job includes new innovative ideas of marketing the product so that the sales percentage of the company increases. Job Description for a Marketing Manager also includes the task of supervision and keeping records of the rise and fall in sales. Job Description Marketing Manager usually portrays the fact that a Marketing Manager job is much more complicated and tougher than a sales manager job. A Marketing Manager normally reports the annual production and sales to the senior management. Marketing Managers may either be directly recruited for the post or be promoted to the post from being a marketing executive.

Marketing Manager Jobs

There are many wrong notions about Marketing Manager jobs. Many people study for direct managerial jobs and they apply for the post of Marketing Manager as their first position, but it is suggested not to do so. People who get promoted to the post of Marketing Managers from lower ranks generally posses more potential and efficiency that those whose first employment efforts begin as Marketing Manager. It is not very easy to handle the total marketing scenario of the company unless he/she knows the loopholes of each situation and scenario thoroughly. Marketing Manager jobs consist of different tasks regarding the field of marketing of a company and the strategies vary with the type of company.

Marketing Manager Resume

Like all other jobs marketing jobs also require a proper resume. A Marketing Manager resume should be precise and convincing so that the employers find the person dependable enough. The resume must contain detailed contact information so that the employer doesn’t find it difficult to trace the applicant. It must contain details of phone number, home address and email ids. A Marketing Manager resume is given credit if it contains proper aims, objectives and work experience. Mentioning proper objective and goals one can easily win the employer over and more over, the work experience is credited in any job sector. Last but not the least the resume also needs to contain the educational background of the employee, highlighting any professional degrees that the applicant may have acquired and trainings undergone. 

Marketing Manager Training

Marketing Manager training is a bit different from other trainings. The only way that an individual is trained is what is known as OJT or on job training by the company for which he/she is working. There are two types of training for the Marketing Managers, one for those who are directly appointed in the managerial post and another for those who are promoted to the managerial post from lower ranks. Marketing Manager training is generally rendered by the existing manager of senior staff who has enough experience about the total marketing scenario of the company.


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