The word “retail” talks about selling products in stores. There are many different retail job descriptions. The most generic retail job is a salesperson. The job description for a salesperson is to greet customers; determine what they need and assist them in finding that product; stay up-to-date on the latest promotions, sales, and policies of the store; keep the store clean and merchandise attractively displayed; accept money, credit, and checks in exchange for merchandise, place special orders as needed; and take and record inventory. As you move up in the business, you will have the opportunity to fulfill different roles in the job description for retail, such as lead salesperson, assistant manager, store manager, and then district manager. Each of these retail job descriptions takes on increasing responsibility such as supervising other employees, reconciling the financial records, and resolving customer issues. The district manager and any other retail jobs that are promotions from there, will be in charge of more than one store.

Retail Jobs

Some of the different retail jobs that are available are as a store clerk in different businesses such as clothing stores, jewelry shops, shoe stores, and department stores. Also, there are sales employees, managers, etc. at small businesses such as a bicycle shop, flower shops, and animal supply stores. Really any place that sells goods or services is considered retail and employs people with the job description for a retail person. In addition to salespeople, many small companies will have one or two managers, but larger companies will have more and more managers in charge if shifts, or of one whole store, or then for multiple stores in an area. Even higher level, and requiring more retail training, would be a regional manager, and then corporate director of sales. It all starts with the entry level retail jobs as you gain experience and training that will help you to promote.

Retail Resume

When reading a retail job description you will find references to customer service skills, self-initiation, organization, attention to detail, and the ability to keep track of money and merchandise. When you complete a retail resume make sure to include everything you’ve done that showcases these skills. Any previous sales experience you have should be noted, as well as any customer service jobs. If you have worked at a retail job before, list that as well. The references you include should be able to tell the hiring company about your personality qualities that make you great for customer service, since that is the most important retail skill. Any retail training you’ve had will help you get the position, so make sure to write about that.

Retail Training

Some of the retail training you should try to obtain if you are looking for a career in any of the retail job descriptions are math training such as you would get in high school, customer service courses, and business classes. Usually retail jobs begin with entry-level employment, where you will receive on the job training with the company. Most stores and other retail businesses either have in-house retail training, or they will contract with companies and send their employees there to take the courses. As you move up through the different positions in the job description for a retail career, you will receive plenty of retail training if you keep yourself open to the opportunities. You will be able to promote and move up to higher paying retail jobs in no time!


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Retail Job Description