The business development job description involves helping a company to attain its goals both for the year and in the long term. Some of the duties of the job description for business development are to find new clients, build on the relationships the company has with existing clients, motivate the sales team, and help create and implement cost-saving and revenue-enhancing policies and plans with other executives of the company. Essentially, the people working in business development are tasked with making sure the company makes the money each year that its board of directors has decided it should make.

Business Development Jobs

There are many different business development jobs available with different focuses. The business development manager heads the department and usually reports to the board of directors of the company. Other people in that department are sales executives, advertising personnel, client relations specialists, product research specialists, and general sales staff. Usually the business development team has to travel all over to procure new clients or to conduct consumer research. All of these positions perform duties of the job description business development in one form or another. Of course, the jobs differ in their level of responsibility, control, supervision, and pay. In addition, there may be different areas or divisions under the business development job description umbrella, but in the end, they would all report to the business development manager.

Business Development Resume

Essentially the job description for business development resembles a more involved sales job description. People who work in business development have excellent communication skills, enjoy meeting new people, and are able to think on their feet. They can build relationships with clients and have a knack for figuring out what the consumer wants. The business development resume should highlight those qualities and show employers the skills that you have in sales and customer relations. You also should display the education you have in those areas as well as administration and management so that you can move up in the business development job description. College degrees, on the job training, experience in sales and advertising, all should be noted on your business development resume in order to successfully apply for a job in this area.

Business Development Training

Some of the education that is necessary for a business development job is the same regardless of the specific role on the team. For example, companies will probably require a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business. Anyone desiring to promote to management level in the business development job description should obtain an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. Other fields of study that will be useful for specific areas of the job description for business development are advertising, market analysis, administration, sales management, public relations, and other sales or development related areas. You can get business development training on the job by attending workshops and seminars put on by the company or outside vendors and by learning from those around you as you work with them on projects. Volunteer for duties other than the ones in your business development job description and you will learn by doing. Strive to obtain all the learning you can from formal education, training classes, and experience and you will be able to promote to better and more lucrative business development jobs.

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