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Customer service jobs can cover a broad range of careers. You will typically find a customer service representative job description to include having to be outgoing and friendly with your customers, whether in person or over the phone. You might even have interactions with customers through mail, email or a live chat over the internet depending on the company you are working for. The main job description customer service representative will have is that you must be patient and calm and deal with the public in a friendly manner – even the customers who are being difficult. The old adage of  “The customer is always right” could most likely be told to you by your superior as a reminder that you are to always try and make the customer happy, no matter what.

Sometimes a job description for a customer service representative will include working in sales, cold calling or following up on leads that are already obtained. Sometimes you will have to know specific things about a particular product, provide technical support or deal with product returns. Typically, when you cannot help the customer out with their question or problem, you will need to direct them to a manager or supervisor who has more knowledge or more power to make the call on a decision.

Customer Service Representative Jobs 

Customer service representative jobs can crop up in a number of different industries in a variety of jobs. Jobs you might not think of as necessarily customer service jobs will be, as any job dealing with the public requires you to be some type of customer service representative. Even a job at a fast food restaurant requires a lot of customer service skills  to make the customers feel welcomed and like their requests are being met in a right and timely manner.

Some other customer service representative jobs can include jobs in food service, a drug store, over the telephone for questions or problems a company’s customers might have, technical assistance for a company, a sales position, in charge of taking and entering orders over the phone or handling complaints.

Customer Service Representative Resume 

Your customer service representative resume should most certainly include your last level of school completed. This is important, since depending on the company and the job, you may only need to have graduated from high school or have a GED. Other more involved job with more skills needed will want to see that you had professional, formal training at a college.

You also need to include any relevant work information on your customer service representative resume. You will want to focus on any previous work experience that you have that involved you having to deal with the public in some manner. Remember, even that fast food job required you to be a good customer service representative, and your experience in any customer service related position can give you a boost towards gaining the job you are applying for.

Customer Service Representative Training 

Customer service representative training will many times happen on the job. Many of the jobs in this field are entry level and will not require you to have previous training, but rather, they will train you in the way they want you to perform. Other customer service representative training can be found by taking some college courses, especially for the more technical jobs that require a lot more knowledge in a particular area.



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