Cooking is an art. Therefore chefs are artists. It may sound like an exaggeration. However, Chef Job Description reveals that a chef is not less than any artist. Anyone cannot be a chef. This field demands an intensity of passion. Without the desire to prepare a visually appealing dish, no one will be able to be called a chef.

The hotel industry is flourishing. Matching the strides of hotel development, the job description for a chef is also developing. The chef is the king of the kitchen. He looks after the culinary department. He manages the staff. He also does the culinary marketing. This is a profession which has lots of potential to grow. It is also lucrative. Chefs are highly paid professionals. Once a chef gains experience, the earning potential becomes limitless. Also, there is always the possibility of setting up the personal hotel business.

Job description Chef refers to the preparation of menu too. After gaining the required experience, it becomes the chef’s responsibility to create an array of dishes, which will attract the visitors and satisfy the taste buds of the customers.

Chef Jobs

From preparing the meals to shopping for the required items everything falls under the chef jobs. The person is responsible for the culinary department. It is the chef’s duty to watch over the subordinates. Observing the meal preparation and making sure that the ingredients are all available are the most important aspects of the Chef Jobs.  Along with this, the chef is responsible for the sanitary matters of the kitchen. Food decoration is another one of the responsibilities which the chef is expected to perform. The responsibility does not stop there. A chef is expected to brainstorm brand new recipes every now and then. This is as important as the food preparation.

Most of the large hotels trust the chef with the administrative duties also. The professional is expected to look after the employees’ attendance, payroll structure, calculation of cost and many other duties which are not related to cooking at all.

Chef Resume

Resume is an important document for any job seeker. It is the way to market the qualities and positive aspects of the professionals. Chef resume may not seem like an important document as the selection of the chef depends on the performance of the professional at the time of interview. However, to get to the interview room, one needs to have a splendid resume. There are creative ways of preparing a resume. Even a chef resume should follow the rules. Resumes should be to-the-point. One should keep in mind that the interviewer is too busy to go through the long paragraphs, does not matter how nicely written. Also, the language of the resume should be firm and crisp. Bullets are an effective tool while creating a resume. Put keywords wisely to make the resume job portal friendly. You should make sure that the recruiters notice you.

Chef Training

It has been said earlier that to be successful in this profession, one requires having the passion for cooking. However, a professional chef training is important too. Those who want to be a chef need to learn the kitchen mannerisms. Besides, a chef’s job does not include only cooking. Food decoration, maintaining sanitary issues and handling the subordinates also fall under the responsibility. Chef training trains the person in all these aspects.





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