People love to eat out. Due to this, different restaurants and takeout food corners are spreading rapidly. Along with the surging restaurant business, the cook job description is gaining importance. Many will mistake the job of a cook as the job of a chef. These are not the same although both the jobs demands cooking.

The job description of a cook is much different from that of a chef. The difference lies in technicality. A chef is someone who has a professional degree. On the other hand, the cook may not have any such training or degree. A cook can be anyone. Someone who loves to prepare meals and has a flair for cooking can work as a cook. But, to become a chef one needs the professional authorization, namely a degree. A chef’s job may not include preparing meals. After getting promoted a chef usually heads a team and does not indulge in cooking. But, as the name suggests, a cook always participates in cooking meals. However, there are many similarities between the job of a chef and the job description for a cook.

Cook Jobs

The cook jobs are much broader than that of a chef’s. A cook participates in various tasks other than cooking. Cleaning the food preparation area is the cook’s responsibility, along with cleaning the cooking utensils. Maintaining the sanitation of the kitchen is the responsibility of a cook. Sometimes the cook serves the food to the customers and takes the payments.

The cook jobs require that the person responsible for cooking must wash and cut the ingredients for cooking. Like a chef, a cook also verifies the meals after preparation for quality check and taste.  The cook prepares the exact quality of food ordered by the customers. For this reason, reading out the order slip comes under the job of a cook.

Cook Resume

A resume is a most essential document. It shows the qualities and the positive angles of the job seeker. Cook resume is important for this reason. How one prepares the resume makes a lot of difference. The employers love crisp and to-the-point resumes. The documents with long paragraphs and colorful words usually get rejected. It does not matter how good the language is. The main reason for this is lack of time. The employer is too busy to read through a thick resume. Instead, they like resumes which are detailed yet, tightly written. These resumes are easy to scan through in a rush. To match the demand of the employers the cook resume must include lots of bullet points and short paragraphs. It is best to showcase quality and skill. For this reason, the cook must not ignore the importance of including every skill learned and each experience. A resume can make someone’s career when properly prepared. And the opposite is true when it does not give out the right message.

Cook Training

Like a chef, a cook needs to have the passion for cooking. However, only having passion does not make someone cook great meals. For this reason cook training is very important. This training does not include a high school degree or any type of diploma.

Instead a cook training session merely refers to understanding the usages of different cooking equipments and preparing different recipes. Also this training teaches how to use the utensils safely. Maintaining the sanitary issue is another aspect of the training session.



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