As you may be aware, drivers can fill a number of jobs that involve driving all kinds of vehicles.  Aside from taxi services, utility companies, trucking companies, stores with warehouses, and schools, you may also work as a private duty driver in just about any government agency or other business.  As you read a driver job description, you should always take note of the vehicle type that you will be driving as well as the kinds of licenses and certifications you will need to qualify for the job.

 Driver Jobs

While you are reading the job description driver, you may be looking at a job that will eventually lead to a dispatch position, or management for the transportation department.    It is also important to note that a job description for a driver may provide information about how much money you earn per mile as opposed to a set number of hours per week.  If you are looking for driver jobs, you can start with your local newspapers or look online. Individuals that are looking for long distance driving jobs should not hesitate to consider online job search sources, since the central dispatch point may not be of much importance in terms of daily commute.

Driver Resume

Even though it will not hurt to list your high school diploma and college degrees, your driver resume should focus on your driver certifications.  This will include any special licenses  you hold, as well as where you completed your training.  When it comes to skill sets, you may want to note that you have a  clean license, as well as anything else about your driving record that will appeal to the resume screener.  If you are going to transport merchandise, it may also be of some use to indicate that you are able to pass a background check, or that you are bondable.

Driver Training

In most cases, you will have to go to private school for various kinds of driver training.  For example, if you want to take a job as a tractor trailer driver, you will most likely enroll in a driver school where you can practice driving this type of vehicle.  Once you complete this training, you will also most likely have to pass a state administered driving test and then get an amendment to your primary license.  Depending on where you work, you may also go through an additional training period where you learn more about the protocols of the company. This may include codes used for communication while on the road as well as how to get reimbursed for gas purchased while driving.

Many people mistakenly believe that drivers occupy a low paying, menial job sector.  Therefore, they are often surprised to find out that wages and benefits tend to be higher for drivers.  At the very least, if you are displaced from some other job sector, you can consider driver training school, and then enjoy the advantages of entering a job sector in which opportunities remain plentiful.



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