During the process of reading a job description for a maintenance employee, it is very important to think about all of the tasks you may be asked to carry out.  For example, if you are reading a maintenance job description for someone that will manage electrical repairs, you may need to list an electrician’s license in order to be considered a qualified applicant.  In a similar way, if you are reading  a “job description maintenance” for someone that will do carpentry, or even janitorial work, it is important to know which skills are required for each task.

Maintenance Jobs

Even though many maintenance jobs do not require special degrees or licenses, electricians and building contractors may require certain licenses.   It is also important to realize that maintenance jobs may not be permanent.  For example, if you are looking for electrician jobs, you may need to work with a company that provides these services to others on a regular basis as opposed to being employed full time by a school or other business.  On the other hand, if you are going to work as a janitor or some other type of job where maintenance activities must be carried out on a regular basis, then you may find jobs in just about every industrial sector.  While most people find these jobs in the local newspapers, you can also find a good number of them via online job hunting sites.

Maintenance Resume

If you are creating a maintenance resume for the first time, it is important to focus on physical skills as opposed to communications.  No matter whether you are applying or a janitor’s job or as an electrician, prospective employers will be looking for indicators that you can carry out physical tasks without being injured or having other problems.  You should also use keywords that indicate you can be bonded, or that you will pass a background check.  While you may not work directly with the computer systems or sensitive information, there is on question that you will have a number of opportunities to access these systems if left unsupervised.

Maintenance Training

For the most part, maintenance training may occur in a wide variety of settings. If you do not need a specific certification, you may simply adapt skills that you already use in your own home. On the other hand, if you are applying for an electrician’s job, you may need to attend college classes as well as sit for a licensing exam.  When it comes to your resume, you should at least list your high school diploma, and then focus on jobs where you carried out tasks similar to the ones you want to be hired for.

While some maintenance jobs require very little training, you will still need to do your best to ensure your resume portrays you as a suitable candidate. Aside from showing an aptitude for certain physical tasks, you should not hesitate to discuss integrity and ethical matters.  No matter whether you are applying for an entry level job or a supervisory role, these elements will be of immense interest to any resume screener.







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