The job description of a server is to bring food and drink to customers in a restaurant. Some of the duties of a server job description are to make sure that customers receive their menus, make recommendations, ensure that the diners understand all of their options and answer any questions they may have. The server is also responsible for the pleasant experience of the customers, resolving any issues with the food quality or any other problems. A server often will perform other duties such as clean the tables and set out silverware and drinking glasses. Depending on the restaurant, duties can be more or less involved than this basic server job description.

Server Jobs

Server jobs can be in diners, family restaurants, or big-chain themed restaurants such as Applebee’s.  These jobs tend to be available on a more entry-level basis, and do not require a lot of education or experience. Higher end restaurants may require more experience or training.  You can also find server jobs in hotel restaurants, cafes, bistros, and even sometimes in restaurants created inside office buildings or company headquarters. Some servers will be employed with a regular salary, but most jobs with the job description server have a very low hourly rate, but make up the difference with the tips or gratuities received from the customers in thanks for good service. There are usually plenty of server jobs available with the abundance of restaurants in most cities.

Server Resume

The better your server resume, the better the restaurant you can work for. If you have little education and no experience, you can actually still get a job with a server job description, but it will most likely be in a lower-end restaurant and you will get paid less. As you gain experience and obtain some server training, you can promote within that restaurant or get more hours for better pay, or you may find that you would rather try to work in a higher-end restaurant. Most high-end restaurants or hotel restaurants look for a degree in a hospitality field. If you have coursework or other classes in those areas, make sure you list it on your resume. Include any experience you have with customer service, multi-tasking, or previous restaurant work.

Server Training

The training you can obtain in a server job description is necessary to make a happy server, happy customer, and successful restaurant. If you know how to do your job, you will get better tips and reviews and will be able to move up to better jobs with the job description of a server. The first thing you need to learn is how to approach a table to greet the customers in a friendly and competent manner.  You should have training on the menu and be able to describe the ingredients in the dish and how it is prepared. A server also must be trained in proper food handling, which is usually a formal course put on by the county or state where the restaurant is located. The restaurant will also have policies and procedures for everything from how to deal with an alcohol order, what to do when food or dishes are spilled, how to handle any customer complaints, or any of the other innumerable things that can happen in a restaurant. The best way to make sure you are successful in a server job is to make sure you are well trained, and then let great customer service and people skills take over from there.

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